Best 3D Printing Pen with USB

Gone are those days when 3D printing pen or otherwise called 3D pen were used as toys. Presently, it has evolved and still evolving in the world of gadgets. Many people are now very much aware of the usefulness of these printing pens. A 3D printing pen is a distended type of the normal pen that uses plastic instead of ink. It is a good product that is rampant amongst creators and artists. These pens have a wide range of functions. Its usefulness has no bound.

However, these 3D printing pens have the same movements and almost the same designs as your regular pen. But, these printing pens do not require the use of paper. It can be used on any other surfaces. You might be bothered on how this 3D printing pen works; that is why we are here to help you.

A 3D printing pen has a filament that enters into it through an end and inside the pen there is a plastic that is heated up by a heating element. After the heating, this plastic then forms a hot liquid which can be used to write, draw or anything you feel like doing on any surface whatsoever. Below are some things you have to put into consideration before buying a 3D printing pen:

  • Design: The design must be such that it is portable and fit well into our hands. These pens design shouldn’t be too bulky.
  • Filament type: These are the materials used for 3D printing. Filaments that can easily be replaced are advised because it is more convenient for use and they make the pen to be used for a long period of time.
  • Speed control: Most of these pens come with speed and temperature control. When purchasing these pens, pick the ones that have speed and temperature control in it because speed control enhances efficiency and makes your drawing accurate.
  • Automatic shutoff: This feature prevents the printing pens from overheating by turning off the pen when left on for too long without using them.

Now that you are aware of the things you have to look out for before buying these pens. We all know that there are many 3D printing pens out there. I will help you list out the best 3D printing pens with USB that you can buy without you stressing yourself by checking out all of these printing pens whenever you want to buy one.

  1. 3DiSmart 3D Printing Pen

This is a 3D printing pen that is perfect for anyone that has a creative mind. It can be used by artists, designers, fashion designers, teachers and pattern cutters. These pens make use of the latest technology.

3DiSmart 3D Intelligent Printing Pen, 3D Drawing Pen for Arts Crafts DIY...
  • ALL IN ONE: The latest professional printing pen that offers flexibility and versatility allowing you to open up your...
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS & ADULTS: The 3D printing pen by 3DiSmart makes for a wonderful gift for everyone! It’s the...
  • EASY TO USE: Our 3D intelligent printing pen is super easy to use compared to other pens in the market as it is easy to...

It allows you to be versatile in your work by expressing your creativity. 3DiSmart printing pen is ideal for both adults and children above the age of 8, and with this, parents and their children can work together to achieve a great deal in the world of designs and art. They are also a cool way of showing appreciation by giving it out as gifts to your loved ones, or family.

This pen is comfortable to grip. It has a lightweight with a well-made metal casing. Also, it is one of the slimmest 3D printing pens that we have in the market. Compared to the normal drawing pens that are mostly made in black, this pen is available in 4 different colours: Black, Silver, Rose, and gold.

They have an OLED that shows the speed, temperature and filament type. You can also control your designs due to the speed and adjustable design. This pen is very easy and safe to use because it is easy to load the filament and also unload it without any stress (PLA/ABS).

A pack of this pen has 1 x 3D Pen, 1 x AC/DC Adapter, 1 x 3 colour filaments, 1 x spare nozzle, 1 x small tool, 1 x USB cable, and a detailed user’s manual. Its package dimension is 18.6 x 9 x 6.2 cm. Interestingly; they can be used with a USB cable. However, this pen needs to be used with the right voltage (5V 2AMP), either when charging with power banks, battery charger or the adapter that comes with the pen pack. After purchasing this pen, it also comes with a year warranty.

What we like

  • Slim design
  • Easy to operate
  • Well packaged

What we don’t like

  • Can be noisy when in use
  • Lead falls off the pen


  1. Aerb Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Aerb 3D Pen is another pen that competes for the best spot amongst printing pens. It allows you to create patterns without being limited. This pen is designed such that the obstructing technology prevents it from any form of blockage. They go into a perfunctory sleep when not in use after 5 minutes.

Aerb Intelligent 3D Pen with LED Display,3D Printing Pen with USB Charging,...
  • Adjustable speed and temperature: with 8 different speed levels, it is more accurate to control the filament extrusion...
  • 【Advanced Technology】 This pen has been designed with advanced obstruction mechanism technology to prevent jamming....
  • 【Standard size friendly material】 Two modes compatible with 1.75mm PLA and ABS filament. The refill is standard size...

The speed and temperature of this pen are capable of being adjusted. It has 8 separate speed degree. And out of this speed level, it is more precise to control the filament extrusion speed. The temperature can as well be modified to melt various materials.

With Aerb 3D pen, your imagination becomes clearer and easier. They are very safe to use. Although, parents need to guide and monitor their children when it is being used by them. Here are some instructions you need to follow when using this pen so as to give you a good result:

  1. The melted part of the filament needs to be cut off, in a bid to avoid the blockage of the filament feeder that is inside.
  2. Just after connecting the wire to the pen, press the pause button and heating will occur.
  3. Adjust the temperature in time according to the extruding status

Different colour of the exact type of filament has various melting points. This pen uses any 1.75mm ABS/PLA filament that comes in different colours. Aerb pen is easy to load and unload to change colours.

Product Specification:

  • Model – Acerb
  • Weight – 55g
  • Length -1.5 m
  • Size -180(L) x 24(W) x 24(H) mm Power cord
  • Input Voltage – 100-250V
  • Output Voltage – 5v, 2A
  • Adjustable Heating Temperature – 180-210 degree Celsius
  • PLA – 160-180 degree Celsius

A pack of this pen contains: 1 x Acerb 3D pen, 1 x User manual, 1 x Finger stall, 1 x Remove tool, 1 x Pen holder, 1 x PVC Drawing board, 1 x Power adapter, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x PLA Filament, 1 x ABS Filament.

What we like

  • Low on cost
  • Lightweight and easy to use

What we don’t like

  • Its stand tends to topple over when placed on a flat surface


  1. Nuly 3D Printing Pen

Nuly 3D Printing Pen is the recent premium brand made by the Nulazy family. In a bid to serve its customers with the best product, Nuly 3D Printing Pen was put in place. It is a perfect pen to let out your creative mind. This pen allows you to be better in your imagination, spatial thinking, and creativity.

Nuly 3D Pen, Intelligent 3D Printing Pen with Voice Prompt, USB Powered,...
  • 【Brand New Design】: As a tactile learning toy, the 3D printing pen inspires creativity, design, planning, building...
  • 【Voice Guide】: Guided by helpful voice prompts. It can help children improve their spatial thinking and imagination....
  • 【Easy To Start】: Straightforward operation and intuitive user guide. Simply plug in the power supply, heat-up and...

They allow you to turn your creative mind and ideas into reality. Compared to other 3D printing pens, it comes with a voice guide. It is easy to use with a well detailed and straight forward user guide.

All you need to do when you want to use this pen is to plug in the power supply, heat it up and begin to work with it. Also, it can as well be powered by either the adapter that is included in the pack or a USB power bank. It is appropriate for children older than the age of 8 years. This pen is easy to use with both ABS and PLA filament. This product is best suited for PLA. PLA is environmentally friendly and does not bring out the odor. It is safer and also easier to control.

This pen can be used as a gift for your loved ones. It has really great packaging and design. Another awesome thing with this pen is that it has speed control, making it easy to be managed. They come with: a pen stand, USB power cable, finger protector, stencil, a user manual and a storybook. Isn’t it excellent? This pen also automatically shuts down when not in use.

What we like

  • Good value for the price
  • Quick to set up and use
  • Supported by PLA and ABS

What we don’t like

  • Few colour refill options are available


  1. Gifort 3D Printing Pen

Gifort 3D Printing Pen is a powerful device. A printing pen that causes the dream to come is a modernized implementation. This pen allows young children with young mind utilize and develop themselves rather than indulging in activities that that does not add values to them.

Gifort 3D Printing Pen 3D Crafting Drawing Printer Pen Compatible with...
  • ★【Compatible with ABS & PLA Filament】Our 3D Printing Pen is compatible with both ABS & PLA filament. Compared to...
  • ★【Adjustable Speed and Temperature】The 3D pen comes with 9 different speed levels, it is more accurate and easier...
  • ★【Safe & Easy To Operate】Just connect the USB cable, press the power button, heat up, insert the filament and...

This pen comes with 9 various speed levels thereby making it accurate to control the filament extrusion speed. The speed and temperature can easily be adjusted to meet different material. Also, this pen is supported by both PLA and ABS filaments. They provide 6 average colour rolls of 1.75mm. However, PLA filament is advised because it is safe and environmental friendly compared to ABS. Once the filament is exhausted, you can easily refill it with the same standard size.

This pen is easy and safe to operate. Connect the USB cable, click on the power button, heat up then you can start working. With the USB cable that comes with this pen, you can connect it with your laptop, power bank or any charging device. You can also work with this pen anywhere; once a charging mechanism is put in place.

When this pen is idle for about 5 minutes, it automatically turns to standby mode. It is usable by both adult and kids and better suited for kids over the age of 5. Parents should monitor and guide their children when they are using it.

Precautions to take while using this pen:

  1. Before loading, cut the end of the filament to prevent clogging.
  2. Turn off the power and unload the filament, leave the ends of filament in front of the charger.
  3. Do not touch the pen nozzle while working. The pen nozzle is hot while working. And you are told not to touch it so as not to get burnt.
  4. While loading the hole of the filament, do not use a foreign material.

A pack of this pen includes a 3D pen, a pen holder, PLA filament, USB power cord, finger stall, drawing stencil, cleaning cloth and a user manual. With this pen, you can do whatever you want to do in the world of art

What we like

  • Variable speed setting
  • Silicon finger guard
  • Lies easily in the hand

What we don’t like

  • Instructions are not in English
  • Poor quality casing.


  1. AIO Robotics 3D Printing Pen

AIO Robotics 3D Printing Pen is one of the slimmest 3D pens you will find in the market. They come with quality finishes. It is lightweight and feels like a regular pen and thus easy to hold. A fascinating thing about this printing pen is that any grade of filament can be used for this pen, but the filament to be used must be 1.75mm in diameter.

This pen has a temperature control with a degree increment. It comes with a bright OLED display that monitors the speed and temperature of the plastic filament.

The downside of this pen is that it has 5-speed settings and it extrude fast even at the lowest speed; which makes it too harsh for soft designs. They have an automatic shut off feature that keeps it off when not in use. A pack of this pen comes with: 2 colours of PLA filament, a user manual, cable and a charger. It also comes with a 5V DC, 2 Amp USB cable. This pen can be used anywhere due to the USB cable mechanism

What we like

  • Lightweight
  • PLA Filaments
  • USB Chargers

What we don’t like

  • Instructions only available in German
  • Extrude very fast even at the lowest speed level

In summary, 3D printing pens are fun and safe to work with. Since you are already aware of how these pens work, you will surely have a good time with them. Presently, the market is growing and these pens keep evolving. But we are here for you and that is why I have made this above list to help you when you need to get these pens.

Best Color Markers for Artists

Best Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

Normally, when we buy colour markers, we only want long-lasting markers, look beautiful and have fun to colour with. But we miss the most important features to look into a marker like bleeding or seep through the paper, or just messy to work with (it also depends on the quality of the paper).

To help identify the best color markers for artists, we surveyed several artists, after proper research and investigation, the results found in the form of a list of 5 top colour markers available currently in the market are listed below. Each item on this list is a high-quality marker with vibrant colour options and usually comes with a carrying case holding them to keep organised.

Whether you are a professional artist or it’s just a hobby you have to make adult comic books, then this list can help you to find the right colour markers for you.

Below is the guide to have a quick review of each product.

Best 5 Color Markers for Artists

1. Copic Classic Marker Set 72-Colors for Artists & Professionals-Top Pick

The Copic Classic Marker set of 72 is our top pick and has been using for decades by artists and professionals. The markers are popular among the Comic Artists, Architects, Product Designers, Graphic Designers, Calligraphers, and mixed media arts. The markers are filled with fast-drying, smudge-free ink and you can be confident to continue the work without waiting for drying.

Copic Marker 72 Piece Set - Set 1
  • VERSATILE - Perfect for layouts, sketches, pictures, backgrounds and more
  • IDEAL - Copic markers feature a chisel tip and a precision tip, and are suitable for students, hobbyists and Manga...
  • ERGONOMIC - Copic markers feature a square shape for exact handling and control

Copic is a brand that makes reliable products to withstand with you for a long time. Even some artists have been using the markers for almost 25 years. The set of 72 markers has a wide range of colour spectrum and comes with up to 9 interchangeable nib sizes.

Main Features:

  • The markers have a dual-tip function with a super-fine tip on one end for lining and a broader brush tip for strokes.
  • The nibs are interchangeable and replaceable up to 9 different sizes.
  • A full spectrum of 72 vibrant and eye-catching colours is available with high quality acid-free and non-toxic ink.
  • All the markers are refillable and one bottle of colour is enough to refill the marker 13 times.
  • The markers are made with artists in mind. This is a perfect product for layouts, sketches, pictures, backgrounds, and more mixed media arts.
  • The well-designed markers feature a square shape for exact handling and control.

2. Ohuhu 60-Colors Dual-Tip Permanent Art Markers

Ohuhu is the most popular brand of art markers around the world. This is a pack of 60 dual-tip colour markers which allows you to be creative with a vast variety of vibrant colours.

Ohuhu 60 Colours Dual Tips Permanent Marker Pens Art Markers for Kids,...
  • LOVED BY ARTISTS EVERYWHERE: You’ve never seen this inexpensive markers for such good quality! The most popular...
  • SUPERB QUALITY, GREAT PRICE: Our special ink formula keeps markers safe from drying out before you’ve used up all the...
  • LASTING COLOR, NO SMUDGE:Make your artwork really shine thanks to the unique and impactful pigments in this marker...

This can be a perfect gift for students, teachers, and kids and an addition to the arsenal of professional artists, illustrators, calligraphers, crafters, and architects. It has 80 vibrant colour markers with broad and fine tips for highlighting and underlining.

Main Features:

  • The ink of markers is high quality and non-toxic. The colour does not fade over time because it has excellent water and light resistance.
  • A paintbrush set is included in the package with a solid nib and a uniform width.
  • The ink dries quickly and you don’t have to wait for a long time to continue the work on your art piece.
  • This marker set can play an active role in any kind of situation related to art like drawing at school, making work materials, filling out adult hobbies, sketches, and comic books, etc.

3. Spectrum Noir Crafter’s Companion Illustrator’s Twin Tip Set of 6 Markers

Spectrum Noir is offering an entirely new and exclusive nib combination. These markers are perfect for existing Spectrum Noir users who want to develop their skills, as well as appealing to new colourists. Illustrator’s premium quality brush nib is perfect for expressive, artistic strokes and precise flicks of colours.

Spectrum Noir Sparkle Fine Glitter Brush Pens Set Spring/Summer Pack of 6,...
  • Vivid dye-colour perfectly balanced with fine Glitter pigment
  • Precision brush-tip for controlled strokes and accurate colour-fills
  • Perfect for sparkling embellishments, lettering and colour details

On the other end, the superfine tip allows you to outline or underlining smoothly and skip-free on any kind of paper. It is now easier than ever before to enjoy smooth coverage and a seamlessly blended finish. This special set has all the essential colours you will need in routine. It is an ideal choice for professionals to achieve desired results in an art piece.

Main Features:

  • The markers are the dual tip, a super fine nib on one end for precise, accurate detailing and fine line work.
  • On the other end, a broader brush tip for smooth fills and natural artistic strokes.
  • Its ergonomic design allows you to have a firm grip for supreme comfort and best stroke style.
  • The ink filled in markers is of artistic grade with flawless laydown and blending.

4. ARTEZA TwiMarker Set 48-Colors Dual-Tip with Brush

The set of 48 colour markers by ARTEZA  is perfect for artists. The markers are safe for all ages, well-designed, easy to use and stimulate the imagination.

ARTEZA TwiMarker Set, 48 Colored Markers, Dual Tip (Fine 0.4 mm tip and...
  • Two-sided versatility – These multi-purpose markers mark any occasion with a .4mm fine, thin tip on one end and a...
  • Color-Coding Coordination – Set includes 48 bright, vibrant water-based markers that deliver eye-catching content and...
  • Artistry, Functionality, and Variety. Arteza offers one of the largest sets on the market with this manageable dual tip...

The TwiMarker set features dual-tip pens with an extra-fine 0.4mm nib on one end and a broader brush tip on the other end.

A wide range of 48 vibrant colours is perfect for calligraphy, planners, scrapbooks, posters, and artists decoration on various surfaces. Artists and hobbyists will value the results of lettering, colouring, doodling, sketching, and journaling.

Main Features:

  • The makers are dual-functional with a 0.4mm super fine tip on one end and a broader tip on the other end.
  • There is a wide range of 48 vibrant and permanent water-based colours that make the art piece eye-catching and long-lasting.
  • The water-based ink is acid-free, dries quickly and will not streak or smear on any kind of surface like paper, board, fabrics, etc.
  • If ink gets on clothing or fabric, the stain can be removed with a paper towel easily without worrying.

5. NEWDOER Dual Art Markers 60-Colors with Brush and Fine Tip

These double-headed water-based colour markers are ideal for calligraphy and drawing by artists and painters. Try and see them yourself. These premium colour markers offer richer and fine colours with fine and brush tips.

Newdoer Colors Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, include 2mm brush tip and 0.4mm...
  • ASSORTMENT OF VIBRANT & RICH COLORS - This 60 color water-based dual tip brush art coloring pen set has a full spectrum...
  • DUAL TIP IN ONE PEN - include 1-2mm brush tip and 0.4mm fine tip, you can create medium or bold strokes by changing...
  • NON-TOXIC,ACID FREE & HIGH QUALITY - Scientific formulations, Standard production process water-based ink,provide you...

The tips are more flexible and do not destroy the surface of your art piece. Let your sense of imagination and creativity run wild with these colour markers as they are ideal for drawing, writing, colouring, calligraphy, sketching, hand lettering, or anything else that allows you to show off your creative side!

Main Features:

  • The assortment of vibrant and rich 60 colours provides a full spectrum of distinctive colours perfect for drawing lines, painting, sketch, signing, manga, graphic, design, and illustration.
  • The ink is scientifically formulated with high quality on the standard production process to provide you with superior, long-lasting, vibrant and eye-catching colours.
  • The super-fine tip is 0.4mm thick to draw lines and the brush tip is 2mm thick for colouring. You can create medium and bold strokes by altering the pressure.
  • The caps are colour-coded allows you to recognise and identify each colour easily and quickly choose the correct colour.


We hope you find the list useful for you whether you are a professional artist or just a hobbyist. All the brands of colour markers are of high quality and famous. Try them yourself, it will not disappoint you.

Best Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

Best Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

Adult colouring is an amazing way to get rid of mental stress, enhance your creative skills, and just get relax. Kids, students, teachers, and hobbyists feel good to spend hours within the working on their colouring books.

If you’re trying to identify one of the best gel pens for adult colouring books then you know that a good gel pen is an ideal addition to work on adult colouring books. Most people use colour markers or pencils for colouring in their adult books but a gel pen is a tool that can highlight an area with a glitter or metallic look.

Why the Gel Pens are so good for colouring Adult Books?

The nib of gel pens is similar to the ballpoint which can make perfect colour detailing and colour tight spaces easily. Moreover, its nib can give you extra control which makes the gel pens ideal for application of texture and embellishments to the adult colouring books.

We tried to organise a list of some top-rated gel pens currently available in the market. You can have a look at the below list and choose the right one for colouring your adult book.


Best 5 Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

1.  Castel Art Supplies 100 Gel Pen Set for Adult Coloring & Drawing

This is a set of 100 beautiful gel pens by Castle Art Supplies come with a roller ballpoint technique to ensure the smooth and flawless flow of ink on your adult colouring book.

Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pens Set with Case for Kids Adults Artists |...
  • THE SMOOTH, FREE-FLOWING GEL PENS YOU DESERVE! We know how much artists love and appreciate a smooth, fluid drawing...
  • ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW with 100 vibrant, shimmering shades to choose from! Make even the dullest of days feel a...
  • FINE-POINT TIPS PERFECT FOR ADDING DETAIL and those all-important finishing touches! And because we know you don’t...

The luxurious gel ink is highly pigmented to flood on the paper without smears or fading. There is a wide range of vibrant colours featuring pastels, bright shades, and metallic effects. The gel pens can be recommended for the family without worrying because the ink is non-toxic and acid-free.

Main Features:

  • The set of 100 gel pens featured with fine and smooth gel tips with a wide range of vibrant colours.
  • These versatile and effective gel pens are ideal for art and craft projects like lettering, colouring, drawing, doodling, scrapbooking, writing, journaling, detailing, and more.
  • The ink flows smoothly without smear or flaws on surfaces like paper, board, fabric, or card. It can give you a big effect with a little effort in your art piece.
  • These gel pens can create special effects using the glitters, neon, pastel, swirl or metallic and ideal to impress your teachers, students, colleagues, friends, and family.

2. COLORIT Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books-Pack of 96

This is a pack of 96 gel pens in a travel case which is light and durable. These colourful gel pens have different option including neon, glitter, standard, and metallic gels. The ink is non-toxic and acid-free to use easily.

ColorIt 96 Gel Pens For Adult Coloring Books - 2 Travel Case Gel Pen Sets...
  • Deluxe 96 Gel Pen Set with Travel Case and 96 Matching Ink Refill Cartridges
  • 24 Glitter, 12 Metallic, 12 Neon - Original ColorIt Gel Pen Set with Case + 48 All Glitter Gel Pen Set with Case
  • .08 - 1.0mm point - Exclusive colors, skin tones, browns, greens, blues, and plenty of purples

You can get a larger insert of gel ink with a soft grip which is made of colour matching rubber. You can easily grip the pens in your fingers. The pens are organized in the case according to colour and number schemes. The removable tips make the refilling of the pen easy.

Main Features:

  • This is a set of 72 Glitter, 12 Metallic, 12 Neon, plus 96 matching coloured refill cartridges in a separate case. The carrying cases are travel-friendly.
  • There is a wide range of vibrant colours available with fine tips of 0.08-1.0mm thickness including skin tones, browns, greens, blues, and plenty of purple colours.
  • All the gel pens are organized in the case according to the numbers and matching colours to make it easy for use and identify while working on your adult colouring book.
  • A separate case of 96 matching colour refill cartridges is available. The tips are removable to make it easy for you to refill the pens.

3. TANMIT Set of 240 Gel Pens 120-Colors with 120 Refills

This is a set of 120 colour gel pens with 120 refill cartridges. The colours of these gel pens is bright and electrified and perfect for adult colouring books. The kids will especially love the wide range of 120 vibrant colours.

Gel Pens,Tanmit Gel Pens Set, 120 Colored Gel Pen plus 120 Refills for...
  • All Unique Colors: Tanmit gel pens set bring 120 colors to your life. Including Glitter, Metallic, Neon, Pastel,...
  • Extra 120 Matched Refills: Those ink has 20% more ink than normal gel pens. What a great GIFT for children, teens and...
  • Unlimited Uses: Ideal for drawing, doodle, coloring, scrapbook, writing, doodling, journaling. Also show your creative...

Moreover, the shades are ideal for sketching and colouring the drawings. The gel pens are equipped with different tip sizes to use according to the demand of your work.

Main Features:

  • This is a set of 120 colours including 28 Glitter, 20 Metallic, 19 Neon, 16 Pastel, 16 Fluorescent, 11 Dye Colors, 6 Rainbows, and 4 Standard gel pens.
  • There are extra 120 colour matching refill cartridges which have 20% more ink than normal gel pens.
  • The Tanmit gel pans have unlimited uses including doodling, colouring, drawing, writing, journaling, and more.
  • The ink of gel pens is high quality and flood smoothly without skip, smear, and fading. It is safe for children because it is non-toxic and acid-free.
  • The tips are removable and available in different sizes from 0.06mm to 1.0 mm to use comfortably according to work demands.

4. Feela 360 Colors Gel Pen Set for Adult Coloring & Drawing

As we mentioned above, colouring is a good way to get rid of mental stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Adult colouring books have become popular among students, kids, teachers, and more in professionals.

Feela 360 Colors Gel Pens Set 180 Unique Gel Pen Plus 180 Refills for Adult...
  • 360 super valued feela gel pens pack includes 180 unique gel pens and 180 refills.
  • Color assortment: Glitter, Neon Glitter, Neon, Metallic, Pastel, Swirl and Standard. Suit for children and adult, great...
  • With dual box packing, breakage-resistant, delicate and eco friendly .

This is a pack of 180 colours gel pens with 180 colour matching refill cartridges, ideal for crafting and colouring to release your stress and tension.

The gel pens are organised in the box with 9 trays and distinguished with number scheme and colours. And the refills are carried in a separate beautiful pouch. Feela provides you with high-quality gel pens for fantastic colouring and drawing.

Main Features:

  • This assortment of 180 colours and refills includes glitters, neon glitter, neon, metallic, pastel, swirl, and standard gel pens suitable for kids and adults to make adult colouring books, drawings, doodling, and sketching.
  • The fine gel tips of pens have different sizes from 0.6 to 1.00mm and the ink is super smooth to write without smears or fading.
  • The ink is non-toxic, permanent, and acid-free makes it safer for use of children.
  • The gel pens come in dual boxing packing-which is breakage-resistant, delicate, and eco-friendly.


5. ARTEZA gel Pens 60 Colors for Adult Coloring & Drawing Books

This pack of 60 unique and vibrant colours gel pens will brighten your day whether used on your favourite colouring books or writing secretes in your journal.

Arteza Retractable Gel Ink Pens, Set of 20 Assorted Colors, Fine Tip 0.7...
  • Smear-Proof Ink - These pens feature a quick drying ink that eliminates smears or smudges, making the perfect writing...
  • Intensely Vibrant Color - Experience vivid, distinct ink that lays down lines of superior color that will brighten your...
  • Smooth Flowing Ink - These silky gliding pens won't scratch or skip, offering you the smoothest writing flow and an...

When you are travelling, these 60 colour gel pens make you free for creativity and you can have more fun with your adult colouring book. The ink is non-toxic, acid-free, and comfortable for use by your family or children.

Now you can sit back and enjoy the glide while taking your mind away from the stress of the job.

Main Features:

  • These gel pens cover the whole colour spectrum including 12 glitters, 12 fluorescent, 10 metallic, 9 pastel, 6 rainbow, 6 neon, and 5 classic colours to brighten your adult colouring book.
  • The pens have an ergonomic grip for long-lasting comfortable colouring or writing. Pens are made of the best materials and fantastic design.
  • These gel pens are perfect for adult colouring books, lettering, doodling, drawing, scrapbooking, greeting cards, party invitations, and many other artist crafts you want to make.
  • The tip is similar to roller ballpoint ideal for colouring books and it comes in different sizes from 0.8mm-1.0mm.

Final Thoughts on the Best Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

Some people think pens and pencils is an old fashioned thing and computers can draw better. But they need to know that the colouring the books and marking the drawings can release their stress and tension in a great way.

Using pens for colouring and drawing can enhance your talent and sense of creation and productivity. This is the list of some top and high-quality gel pens. You can try one to get the best results of working on your adult colouring book.

Best Pens To Use In Exams


One of the key questions that may arise in your mind when you have an upcoming exam and need to go buy a new pen is – what factors define the superiority of a pen and what are the best pens to use in exams?

Well, the answer is simple.

The pen should write smoothly, effortlessly and continuously (without breaks of ink). The writing thickness, grip, feel and looks of the pen along with the colour (and sometimes, scent) of the ink also play a vital role.

Apart from all these factors, one big element that many pen owners look for is a brand name that is renowned for selling reliable, consistent pens. The brand names bring along with it, a wave of satisfaction and trust with them. There have been a number of  pen brands that have been famous across the globe for the past few decades. Only a few pens will be discussed here today to help make the choices short and simple.

Pens to be used in exams need to be to work well in almost every situation and not just in an exam hall. For example, classrooms, offices, grocery lists etc are just a few of the places and situations where you will need to a good, versatile pen. An average, run-of-the-mill pen, will be sufficient if you are not limited by time constraints as looking for an alternative is an option. If you are in an exam, however, chances are you just might be filled with terror, anticipation and anxiety, so you need a pen that works.

What are the best, most suitable exam pens?

If there were three brands of pens that could deliver a writing experience with smoothness, softness, fluidity and a good grip, for a reasonable price and usage, they would be:

  • CROSS Tech3+
  • BIC Soft Feel
  • Paper Mate InkJoy 100

1.      Cross Tech3+

Cross Tech3+ (link to Amazon) is a multi-functional pen that has three functions combined into a single body. It has two ballpoints, a pencil, an eraser and a stylus (as a bonus) combined and built fashionably.

It comes with two refillable ballpoints in the pen including a black medium ballpoint and a red medium ballpoint. The colour is often supplied in Satin Black which gives it a fashionable and a sophisticated look. Even though a single lead is required to write with, this pen comes with 3 leads of 0.5mm each, compatible with the pen.

Whenever you run out of lead or the lead you are using is not sharp enough, you can swiftly swap it with the other one. A depiction of the two ballpoints and the pencil sneaking out of the pen can be seen in the figure below.

The Cross Tech3+ has a designed length of 136mm, 8.9mm width and only 21g of weight. This gives a mind-boggling light-weight experience of a multi-functional pen. The pen is available in several colours. All colours promise a fashionable texture and appearance.

But the question here arises if this pen is really good enough to be used in a stressful exam?

Well, the good news is, yes – the Cross Tech3+ is an ideal choice for exam situations. Its twist technology enables you to quickly swap between a black pen, a red pen and a pencil. If you happen to make a mistake with the pencil, you can quickly unscrew the cap on the opposite end of the pen which may reveal an eraser.

Even the cap isn’t a useless piece of metal or plastic. It’s, in fact, the wide 8mm Stylus, which you can use to smoothly control a touch-screen device while relaxing on your couch.


Model Number / Manufacturer Part NumberAT0090-3
ColourSatin Black/Chrome
Point TypeFine
Tip TypeBallpoint
Ink LifeRefillable
Ink ColorAssorted


Cross pens are generally very thick and thus, difficult to grip. The slenderness of Tech3+ has been a widely supported aspect of it. It is, by far, one of the thinnest cross pens out in the market.

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The premium boxing of the pen needs no further packaging if the intentions are to gift it to someone. The premium boxing has a quite fancy and sophisticated touch to it.

The Cross Tech3+ brand promises a professional yet smooth experience, no matter how much panic you’re in. The manufacturers give a lifetime mechanical guarantee which might give you more than just thought about this pen.



2.       BIC® Soft Feel®

Another medium pointed pen that can deliver the experience the writer wants while sitting an exam, is from the famous BIC brand ‘Soft Feel’.

The pen is a stick pen with a soft barrel for a comfortable and soothing touch. The barrel is designed to avoid slippage rather provide a firm grip. The BIC Soft Feel pen (link to Amazon) has been designed to be 15.4mm in length and has a 1mm writing width.

The pen has been widely used across the world. Its smooth and comfortable writing experiences have made it popular among the masses. An exception in writing quality includes the ink delivery to contain some slight pauses which can sometimes result in a bit of grainy ink. But overall, the pens have been globally accepted to be good enough to be used anywhere, especially exams.

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This pen has been a favourite for many folks solely because of its soothing ability. People have repeatedly confirmed its grip to be relaxing and allowing the writer to write extensively as well as tirelessly. People with diseases like Tendonitis have recommended BIC Soft Feel. Moreover, the longevity of these pens has been proclaimed a lot as well.

3.      Paper Mate InkJoy 100

Paper Mate InkJoy 100 (link to Amazon) is a stick pen having a writing thickness of 1mm. The colour-grading of this set is eye-catching. But considering only the black pen of the set, the barrel is blackish-grey in colour but translucent. The cap of the pen is non-existent as it consists of a push-button.

The barrel is in a slight triangular fashion which may result in ease for some and discomfort for others. As an exception, some people purposefully search for pens that have triangular barrels because they just fit in their hands accordingly.

It is comforting to acknowledge the ink level of your pen as you keep using it. But in case of “InkJoy 100”, the combination of the barrel being translucent and the refill cartridge being white can make anyone anxious. However, upon a careful look, anyone can find the ink level.

The pen lacks any kind of rubber grip which exposes the hard plastic to the naked fingers of the writer. This might be troublesome for some people and might not be an issue at all for others. But while sitting for an examination, the pain occurrence cannot be avoided.

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On the flip side, we are all familiar with pens having good scents. InkJoy 100 has a very subtle scent to it. The sounds of clicks for retraction are very soft and lowly intense. Moreover, the pen is a satisfaction overall in terms of solving lengthy exams for most people.


Examinations are always a hectic event for students, no matter how good they are at studying. To perform well, a student needs sound health, a good grip over the syllabus, a suitable but silent environment; and of course, a smooth and soft writing pen. The need for a good pen might seem unimportant but nobody needs the risk that comes with stop-start writing pen interrupting their flow of thoughts.

The temperament, duration, toughness and content of examinations differ from time to time, place to place and institute to institute.

Choosing the right pen to write with is insanely important after weeks of studying. If your exam requires swift swaps between red and black colours; a pencil (for diagrams etc) – the Cross Tech3+ should be your priority. For lengthy, consistent writing the BIC Soft Feel pen and Paper Mate InkJoy 100 pen, are ideal options to have.

A lot will depend on your handwriting and gripping style.

Best Markers for Coloring Anime.

Best Markers for Coloring Anime

Anime is something getting more and more popular every day as it is not just Japanese animation, it is art!

Drawing and colouring anime characters and backgrounds are enjoyed by a lot of artists today. Anime has this unique style which inspires almost every artist. Drawing and colouring both go hand in hand. You could be drawing the best sketches in the world but if the sketch is not coloured correctly then the end result will not be as appealing as it should be.

I myself am an artist and today I would like to talk about the best markers out there for colouring anime. Of course, you can use colouring pencils or paints as well for some stunning colours but here we will talk about markers. Markers can really give unmatched, vibrant and, unique colours to a drawing.

Finding the right markers to colour your anime characters or backgrounds is not a simple task, as the list is just too diverse. In many cases, people can end up with a type of marker which does not suit them.

I have compiled a shortlist of the best markers out there especially for you!

Copic Marker Set

Copic markers are the best markers out there in my opinion and for good reason as well. You do get what you pay for with these markers, as you will be able to create some stunning art using them.

Copic markers have an alcohol-based ink which is permanent and the ink is refillable. These alcoholic markers are ideal for fine lines.

Copic markers blend beautifully and are very easy to use. They are what oil medium is to paints. They are loved by both beginner and veteran artists. These markers must be kept away from direct sunlight to preserve their quality. 

Copic markers come in a wide range of colours to choose from and can always get the job done.

One reviewer wrote “If you are buying Copic you tend to know what to expect, after all if you just want a marker set there are ones a lot cheaper than these… but none I’ve found match the quality.”



Ohuhu Markers

Ohuhu markers are very popular among artists because of their low price. They have a very good quality despite the low price tag. They are a great fit for beginner or veteran artists who want to give quality markers a try without spending big bucks!

Ohuhu markers have alcohol-based ink which is very beautiful. These markers come in dual tips and are great for making thin or thick lines. These markers are very fast drying. If you are on a budget then these are the markers for you!



A reviewer writes “I have been painting and drawing for years but colouring with marker is new to me. I love these markers! They bring my drawings to life!”

These Ohuhu markers can help you take your colouring to a whole new level!

L'émouchet Markers

L’émouchet markers are very vibrant and can really make your work stand out. They are quite decent markers and not very expensive. These markers have alcohol-based ink which dries fast and gives out very beautiful colours. 

Regardless of what you want to draw or colour these markers have got you covered! These markers are very comfortable to hold and work with. These markers are for people on a tight budget looking for good quality!



A reviewer writes “Did thorough research to find some dual-tip marker pens with several specifications. The set had to have at least 80 pens, have the names of the colours on the tip, and also include a carrying case. L’emouchet hit a home run at three turns at the plate — Great little carrying case, a great number of coloured markers to choose from (also a colour chart card specifically designed for this set is included…super convenient), and last, but not least — the vibrant colours themselves. This set offers simply a wide variety of colours that pop!”

Uniposca Markers

A must-have marker for all anime artists. POSCA markers are well known in the industry for their ease of use and high-quality graphic effects. The inks are super highly pigmented. 

What I really love about these markers is that if they have not been used for a while or dry out, they can be brought back to life easily! The markers’ mechanism and valve system can be re-saturated with the paint.



Best Pens for Inking Comics

Best Pens for Inking Comics

Here is a question that a comic artist gets most often, what pens for inking comics do you use? There are a lot of people who ask this question about the pen. Here today, we will answer the question. We will try to provide you with information about some of the best pens for inking comics and manga.

When it comes to drawing comics and manga, there are a lot of high-quality brands and models of inking pens available in the market. Their nibs are ideal for those to enjoy making comics and manga. A high-quality ink pen provides you with the best and desired results when drawing comics or anime.

When you use the lower quality pen, you will not be able to get the most from the pens since it is not something that did the job. If you are an artist and you draw the comic, anime or manga, you should read this article to find some perfect inking pens for comics.

We have put together some perfect inking pens in the following list. Every pen in this list has the right nib and ink. Choose one of the ones recommended on the list. It will not disappoint you!!

Best 5 Pens for Inking Comics and Manga

1. Sakura 50201 6-Piece Pigma Manga Comic Pro Drawing kit (Our Top Pick)

The Sakura Manga Drawing Kit (link to Amazon) is is the top pick of our list. If anyone wants the features of accuracy, minute details, and preservation count in the inking pens, the unparalleled archival quality of Pigma Micron pens makes them everyone’s first choice.

Artists, writers, and illustrators go for Pigma Micron and they trust on Pigma Micron due to its high performance on their art pieces. This pack of 6 perfect inking pens is perfect for fine-point technical and artistic applications.

Main Features:

  • The set consists of 1 each Pigma micron 005, 03, 08, 1 each graphic 1 mm, 1 each brush all black, 1 each 0.7mm fixed sleeve mechanical pencil.
  • The pens are so smooth and satisfying. They work so well and they never seem to bleed.
  • The archive-quality ink does not include any kind of toxic materials or acids and provides an acid-free environment.
  • The pens are chemically stable, waterproof and provide resistance against fading.
  • The pen does not leave any smears, smudges, or bleed-through on every kind of paper.

2. Art-n-Fly 48 Pack Black Fine Inking Pens for Drawing Comics & Manga

Art-n-Fly makes great products. You will enjoy making comics with these 48 pack black fine inking pens (link to Amazon). The pens have affordable priced, well-designed and provide excellent support.

The pens use ink from Japan instead of dye-based ink so they are water-proof, skip-free, ultra-fast drying and would not smudge. Its pigment-based ink sits on the surface of even the thinnest pages rather than penetrating.

Main Features:

  • The archival ink used in the pens is richly pigmented, permanent, non-toxic, lightfast and withstands against everything from UV rays to oils.
  • The nibs of these technical pens are made in Japan and you can write on any surface with neutral pH.
  • This is a set of 6 extra fine tip liner pens come in nib sizes 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.8mm.
  • The ink in the pens is resistant against the smear, water, fad, and don’t bleed.
  • It can give the artists a smooth, skip-free drawing experience with archival ink that leaves consistent lines every time.
  • These pens are the ideal choice for artists, illustrators, comic drawing makers, manga makers, and graphic technical designers.

3. ARTEZA Fineliner Black Tip Fine Point Markers for Drawing

This is a set of premium fine liner pens by ARTEZA (link to Amazon). Its triangular-shaped ergonomically designed barrel would not roll off your desk. The pens are perfect for writing, drawing comics, and manga, illustrations, professional graphic designing, etc.

The ink in the pens is water-based, smudge-proof, odour-free, and acid-free. You can use the fine tip pens smoothly on any kind of paper without penetrating it.

Main Features:

  • The pens are filled with quick-drying ink that does not leave smudges on your hands, paper or desk.
  • Its super fine 0.4mm black tip provides a smooth and skip-free running on any kind of paper to make the comic drawing, sketching, manga, graphic designing, etc.
  • Its triangular-shaped barrels make these pens comfortable to grip and you keep working on your art piece without interruption.


4. WOCLHJ Black Pigment Fineliner Pens for Comics

WOCLHJ fine liner pens (link to Amazon) are widely used in different populations in the world. This is the ideal choice to help the students, kids, artists, comic book makers, illustrators, and professional graphic designers. This is a pack of 9 fine tip pens including a brush.

It prevents bleeding when you are working on your art piece.

This is a perfect gift for students, teachers, kids and people who love to make and paint comics or manga. The pens are filled with archive ink which does not include any kind of acids or toxic-materials.

Main Features:

  • WOCLHJ is a pack of a total of 9 black pigmented pens to draw the lines according to the demand of your work. The nib sizes are 0.05mm, 0.1mm,0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and a brush.
  • This pack of 9 fine tip pens can be a perfect gift for students, kids, teachers, artists, illustrators, and more for professional graphic and fashion designers, architects, and everyone who loves to create and paint.
  • The caps and holders of each pen are marked with nib size to identify the right pen while working on the art piece.
  • The archive ink dries quickly and does not bleed through the page.

5. Chinco 18 Pieces Fineliner Micron ink Pens for Sketching & Drawing

The pack of 18 fineliner pens by Chinco (link to Amazon) is perfect for writers, teachers, artists, illustrators, students, and professional graphic or fashion designers allowing them to draw clean lines for everyday use. These are water-proof black pigmented pen liners in various nib sizes to fulfil the demand for your work.

The pens are filled with archival ink that is environment-friendly and non-toxic. There are 9 sizes of nibs and 2 pieces of each size.

Main Features:

  • The 9 nib sizes include 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 045mm, 0.5mm, 0.55mm, and a 1.0mm brush tip.
  • The black pens are smooth, skip-free, non-toxic and water-proof and it will not smear, fade, bleed or skip on any kind of paper.
  • Each pen has a cap and you can keep them organized without smudging yourself. The ink is a nice black and comes out smoothly with quick drying.
  • The pens are fit for technical writing and drawing comics or manga. Moreover, everyone can use the pens except children below 3 years.

Final Thoughts:

Comics and Manga require a lot of hard work and patience like every field of life. To win the battle of hard work and patience, you must have the perfect and right tools. To make the perfect comics, you need the right inking pens to draw the lines smoothly without bleeding.

We tried to put some of the best and top-rated fineliners in the above list.

We hope it will help you to get the perfect and right inking pens to satisfy your sense of imagination and creation.

Best Brush Pens for Drawing

Best Brush Pens for Drawing

Artists know that using brush pens for drawing can bring stories to life. Drawing artists use brush pens to layout the expressions and movement in a way that a traditional technical drawing pen cannot. But an artist requires a lot of practice and dexterity to use the brush pens in an art piece.

Moreover, a brush pen is a tool for painting with colour without a brush and a set of paints. They also give the widest array of line widths for really expressive sketching.

You need to consider the following things when buying a brush pen according to the demands of your work:

  • Tip Type
  • Flexibility
  • Tip Size
  • Water and Copic Proof

Are you struggling with finding the right brush pen to practice your artwork? You are in the right place. In this guide, you can find some top brands and models of brush pens available in the market. We just put together some of the best brush pens in a list and we are going to review these products to help you in choosing the right one for you.

Best 5 Brush Pens for Drawing

1. Spectrum Noir Artliner Black & Grey 6 Pcs Brush Pen

These Spectrum Noir art liner brush pens (link to Amazon) are perfect for sketching, outlining, and colouring the drawings. The alcohol-based pens are ideal for smudge-free and streak-free mixed media art, doodling, colouring, and detailing.

These pens come with 2 brush tips for detailed colouring, lettering, and drawing the various line widths. The high-quality micro-pigment ink dries quickly and does not leave smudges or streaks on an art piece.

Main Features:

  • You will find the Art-liners a pleasure to draw with. The ink flows smoothly onto the paper with even coverage.
  • Plus the artist’s quality ink of pens is light-fast, resistant to fading and does not leave smudges. Alcohol-based ink is quick-drying and you don’t need to wait for a long time to continue your work.
  • The pens are available in black and grey both for shading and lining according to the demand of work.
  • The brush tips are so fine with excellent tapered-shape which makes them perfect for hand-lettering, drawing, and colouring.

2. Pentel Brush Pen

The high-quality Pentel brush pens feel like a real brush earning it a name among the professional drawing artists, hand writers and doodlers alike. It’s a versatile ink brush that is easy to switch between line and wash artwork.

The pen is equipped with a durable and soft nylon tip which can flood wide strokes with solid colour and then it can give a fine lining to delicate the art piece. A covering cap is available to protect the tip from leakage or damage.

A durable and smooth nylon brush is perfect for any type of art working, anything can be done with ease.

Main Features:

  • The ink is water-based and highly pigmented. Ink flows easily on any type of paper, board or fabrics. As well as, the ink dries quickly and produces transparent watercolour effects.
  • The soft nylon brush tip is perfect for brushing and sketching on location.
  • The pen is refillable with the Pentel refill cartridges FR-101.
  • Refill barrels are easy to replace and the reverse thread stops any leakage or damage to the tip.

3. Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen

This Kuretake brush pen was designed for writing the Chinese characters, or kanji in Japanese, but we used it in drawing and found that its felt tip is hard and flexible enough to give you nice control in drawing the thin and thick lines. There are two versions of this pen, a grey version is ideal for shading and a superfine version is perfect for even thinner lines.

The ink in the Kuretake Brush Pen is so good and easy to use. It works well with a richer black pigment.

Main Features:

  • Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen is a set of 2 pcs ideal for drawing art, lettering, doodling, sketching, and calligraphy.
  • This is a set of soft and hard brush pens. A super-fine tip is perfect for outlining and underlining and the other version is a flexible felt tip for thick strokes.
  • The pen is water-proof and does not leave smudges of feathers on your art piece while working with watercolours.
  • You will be able to draw the finest line comparable to a line of 0.38mm.

4. Tombow Fudenosuke Color Brush Pen 10-Colour Set

This is a pack of 10 colour brush pens from Tombow Fudenosuke(link to Amazon). There are different brush tips available in multiple colours to satisfy your sense of creation and imagination in the fields of drawing, sketching, lettering, doodling, and calligraphy.

Fudenosuke brush pen features with flexible brush tips in different sizes to learn beautiful drawing techniques according to the demand of work. The brush tips can create extra-fine, fine or medium strokes in a drawing by a simple change in pressure.

A vibrant and versatile assortment of colours offering even more ways to use them for art drawings, comics, anime, manga, and more for professional calligraphy, lettering, and architect.

Main Features:

  • The pens are formulated with water-based ink that is permanent, rich in colour and sits lightly atop paper without suturing and bleeding through.
  • The ink of Tombow brush pens is odourless and highly pigment which produces rich, vibrant colours.
  • The flexible brush tip allows you to learn and layout different lettering and drawing techniques.
  • There are 10 hard but a flexible tip in 10 vibrant and eye-catching colours including black, grey, orange, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, brown, and red.

5. ARTEZA Real Brush Pens 24 Colors Perfect for Drawing

This is a pack of 24 real brush colours by Arteza Art Supplies (link to Amazon). The pens are filled with non-toxic, acid –free, and water-based ink. Its flexible tip allows you to make a variety of fine, medium, and bold strokes on the art piece effortlessly.

These real brush pens from Arteza is an ultimate and perfect tool for drawing, sketching, painting, and calligraphy. There is a vast range of 24 vibrant and real watercolours.

These brush pens give you precision control, so you can easily do everything from light pastel washes to subtle shading and gradients.

Main Features:

  • These premium brush pens are richer in colour and equipped with a more flexible tip than you would get from more costly brands.
  • The Arteza real brush pens have endless creative options to create fine watercolour effects in painting, drawing, sketching, colouring, calligraphy, and more.
  • The tip of each pen is made of soft and durable nylon brush hairs. The tapered end of the tip is to draw fine lines and the broader end is for thicker lines and strokes.
  • The ink is safe, non-toxic, and certified for safety. Your Arteza real brush pens come with a special promise.

 Final Thoughts:

What is the best brush pen for drawing? It is a bit difficult to answer this question because there are a lot of brands and models available in the market and everyone claims to be the best. Based on our research, we have tried to list the best brush pens we have tried for drawing.

We have put together some of the best brush pens for drawing available currently in the market after gathering the opinions of artists, designers and other creative.

Best Pens For Manga

What is Manga?

Manga comics are Japanese style comics or graphic novels. These comics have been growing in popularity all over the world since the 19th Century, which was when the Japanese came up with the idea. Although comics are generally meant for children, this is not the case with Manga comics. Manga comics can be read by children or adults according to their preferences as there is a large selection of comics to choose from.

If a manga comic series tends to be overly popular, the comic series is created into an Anime (Japanese term for animation) series. Anime is more or less equivalent to cartoons but the Japanese ones are traditionally known as Anime all over the world. Some of the most popular Manga comics that turned into an Anime series are; One Punch Man, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

Why we should design Manga by hand and the importance of doing it with the right tools.

Originally, Manga was drawn and designed by hand, and although technology is taking over most things in the world, Manga to this day is more commonly hand-designed, although computers have been used to design now and again. The precision and accuracy that can be attained by an artist’s hand in Art simply cannot be matched by any kind of technology, the personal touch and pen stroke is extremely important.

Moreover, while Manga can be designed by any sort of pen or pencil, there are certain tools you need for the design to really look it’s best and we are here to look at 3 of the best toolsets I have used to take my artwork to the next level.

3 Of The Best Pen Packs, I’ve Used For Manga

1. COOLTIME 168 Colours Artist Necessary Graphic Marker Pen

This pack of pencils (link to Amazon) is literally the epitome of ‘letting your imagination run wild’, the variety of colours available in this pack is exquisite. I have been using this pack for a couple of weeks now and I don’t recall a single moment where I wished there was a particular colour in the pack that wasn’t already available.

I have no complaints regarding the quality either, considering there are so many pencils in the pack, a few damaged pieces are expected, which I was right to expect because there were a couple of pencils which were a little loose around the tips but this did not affect the performance of the pencils, I was able to use all 168 colours without any trouble what so ever.

As I check the Amazon page now, it is stated under the product description that they guarantee a 100% quality, and if one was to face problems with any of their products, the consumers can reach out to them for a refund or exchange. Thankfully, I did not face such a situation but it is good to know that they provide this kind of service in case something was to go wrong.

In terms of the usage of the pens in itself, I was amazed by the quality, considering the price, the ink dried out after use, fairly quickly and the pens were definitely very smooth to use, no complaints in that department. Another aspect I’d like to point out about the colours is that the colours being available in a variety of different shades is a definite positive from my side.

I genuinely do not see why someone would pay more for a different brand of Manga pens when you can get such high-quality pens, in such a variety of colours for a reasonable price to say the least, definitely gets my seal of approval.

2. Sakura Pigma Micron fineliner pens 12 piece, Full range drawing set black with professional brush and Gelly roll White

I was looking for a set of pens for my art within a budget and I could not have asked for better than Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliner pens (Link to Amazon). I love the variety I receive in the package with the 12 pieces, the different sized pens allow me to reach the full potential of my creativity, I was able to experiment with different designs using the various pen sizes.

It isn’t just the variety of pens that is impressive, the quality of the pens is second to none as well, the ink had dried up fairly quickly after use which is important and I don’t recall any sort of smudging during my artwork either. However, the only complaint I have with my purchase is that one of the pens in the set had a loose nib, it was the 0.4mm.

I had not realised this during the first few days as I had not used that particular pen, but as I started drawing with the 0.4mm pen, I could feel the nib dangling a little bit. Thankfully, there was no harm done to my artwork due to this, I realized it was loose before any damage was done. This is pretty much the only negative I have from purchasing this set but I would definitely recommend getting it to whoever is looking for a cheaper alternative, 100% value for money.

I tried using the Professional Brush and the Gelly Roll is well, they do exactly what they are supposed to do, no comments or criticism on my part on those products either.

3. 8 Black Fineliner Pens, Aoyooh

I’ve been trying to get my hands on some Fineliner pens (link to Amazon) so I could take my Manga art more seriously and get the best results that I possibly could, as I definitely felt there was room for improvement in my art so I had to acquire the best tools possible.

I could not have asked for a better pen set to use for my artwork, the art came out more beautiful than I had ever imagined and I could not be more satisfied with the product. However, I do have to put it out there that the first time I received the product, there was a problem with the 0.6mm ink, it ran out as I was using it (and this was only like 10 minutes into my artwork), after which I contacted the company and told them about my issue.

They responded pretty quickly and I was able to get a new set of the same pens within a few days, I was very happy with the service. Although the initial delivery was faulty, I can definitely say the company dealt with the issue in the best way possible to turn bad customer experience into a positive one for me. One of the main reasons I decided to go with this pen set is due to the wide variety of pen sizes, there aren’t a lot of pen sets (of 8) that offer pen sizes of up to 0.8mm, so I was able to experiment with the various sizes on my artwork.

I have no complaints regarding the quality of the ink either, dried out fast after usage, no smudges, and smooth drawing experience. All in all, I would definitely recommend this pen set to anyone looking for a wider variety of sizes for their artwork not necessarily for beginners either, this can definitely be used for professional artwork as well.

The Best Pen To Use In Law School

A pen is a writing instrument that is applied through the ink, that will be on the surface paper for the purpose of taking note of items down on a sheet or any platform. Also, the pen is a dynamic tool that basically helps in one’s exposure to better learning, through the writing of notes by hands for proper opening of one’s mind in knowing more.

Not all pens are good but they are some more invented and customised pen in this modern age, that makes difference and through the way it’s been made make it distinct and outstanding, some of this pens are been stated below and discuss which lead to the study and knowledge of the best pen used. which will focus more on the research of the best pen use in law school.

In over 200 years, from Earth. The pen has undergone several transformations. Back in the day, you had to afford a quill in order to write a letter. But basically today, companies sell boxes of pens we can access instantly in a cup or jar in our leisure time and on our desk. It is very unbelievable to imagine a life without a custom pen, but thanks to these inventor’s hard work, we can now relax and have less worry about sharpening our quills to write that letter home or jot down our daily dairy note of activities

Basically the user of fountain pens: has a system of three small channels for the ink and one larger channel for air. The fountain pen also consists of a reservoir ink which is embedded in the handle and the main role of the ink been embedded is to avoid delay in term of writing, however, the fountain pen is one of the best pens used because of how it operates and how it is been used and it conveniences.

Ballpoint pen: its operation and way of working are different from that of fountain pen, but there are still some similarities which are their relying on gravity to function effectively. Ballpoint is that which it has a small ball bearing the ink. The ball bearing the ink is made up of brass steel or tungsten carbide. In which it operates is through the movement of the ball across the paper, which turns and draw ink from the cartridge, in creating a consistent ink line with a quick dry time.

The following are the best pen used in a law school:

The first pen mention is one of the greatest pens for marking up readings. I like the way they are used in terms of highlighting because they are less harsh basically because they capture the actual spot on the paper and give the actual message of the writing, this is noted from the following pen stated.

This is the three recommended the best pen used in law school, however, they are others but I have selected these few and some out of the numerous pen and I will start with the first pen. Which is known as the Bic, cross, and the paper mate?

BIC PEN: This pen (link to Amazon) is suitable for the everyday stationary task, it has a 1.0mm tip and we must know that this pen is very cheap, which make it highly affordable and very easy to acquire and used.


Furthermore, Bic is environmentally friendly, making it perfect for any kind of operation and condition for usage. Bic has two distinct colour which is in black and blue and it has the following features:

  • comfortable non-slip grip provides additional control
  • ideal for everyday writing activities

The Bic pen is one of the best and most used and liked pen and also due to it comfortability and environment-friendly act it tends to be outstanding and used basically for general purpose, it is for everybody and not for somebody.

CROSS PEN: it is founded by jewellery makers and for artisans of usable luxury, it enhances the way you work. This writing instrument (link to Amazon) gives you quick access to a black pen, red pen, pencil, eraser and lastly stylus. It has the above-stated features on it which make it very important and useful in a law school for some specified and classified operation of easy switching and using of different kind of pen, including pencil and stylus in one single pen. It let your multi-task on paper, plus navigate your smartphone or other touchscreen devices with ease. It has the following distinct features which make it more comfortable in use, which are:

  • continuous twist technology for easy tip selection
  • wide 8mm stylus that also unscrews to reveal an eraser
  • Compatibility with a most capacitive touchscreen device
  • classic design with three writing tips inside, having: a black ballpoint, red ballpoint, and pencil.

PAPER MATE: This brand manufactures a variety of ballpoint pens (link to Amazon), mechanical pencil, flair (felt tips pens), an eraser and lastly it offers a distinct variety of coloured and shape. Paper mate introduced environmentally friendly use of these three feature: pen, pencil and eraser.

Even work and the school can be fun when you have one of these vividly colored pens. It is noted to be a really good pen and amazing during its usage that makes it distinct and suitable to be applied to the law school for usage and considering it has one of the best pens to be used. The following are the features and details of the paper mate pen:

-retractable design is ready to write with just a satisfying click

-bold black ink creates a striking impression on every page of one work was needed.

-reliable and fluid, it is 1.0mm medium tip drawing clean lines from beginning to the very last ending.

-it has an ultra-smooth ink that keeps the fun and ideas flowing, which gives room for more working fun and operation of the pen.

The three distinct pens recommended above which are known as the Bic Pen, Cross Pen and the Paper Mate Pen, are consider and note to be very good and dynamic for usage, in a law school, not only because of some of their features stated above or their details but basically because there are generally found to be environmentally friendly and also due to there order of operation which best fit-in to any condition of writing and work of using a pen. Interm of jotting, sketching and colouring, with the easy level of acquiring of the pen. The three above pencil are very good to be used in any law school.