Best Pens To Use In Exams


One of the key questions that may arise in your mind when you have an upcoming exam and need to go buy a new pen is – what factors define the superiority of a pen and what are the best pens to use in exams?

Well, the answer is simple.

The pen should write smoothly, effortlessly and continuously (without breaks of ink). The writing thickness, grip, feel and looks of the pen along with the colour (and sometimes, scent) of the ink also play a vital role.

Apart from all these factors, one big element that many pen owners look for is a brand name that is renowned for selling reliable, consistent pens. The brand names bring along with it, a wave of satisfaction and trust with them. There have been a number of  pen brands that have been famous across the globe for the past few decades. Only a few pens will be discussed here today to help make the choices short and simple.

Pens to be used in exams need to be to work well in almost every situation and not just in an exam hall. For example, classrooms, offices, grocery lists etc are just a few of the places and situations where you will need to a good, versatile pen. An average, run-of-the-mill pen, will be sufficient if you are not limited by time constraints as looking for an alternative is an option. If you are in an exam, however, chances are you just might be filled with terror, anticipation and anxiety, so you need a pen that works.

What are the best, most suitable exam pens?

If there were three brands of pens that could deliver a writing experience with smoothness, softness, fluidity and a good grip, for a reasonable price and usage, they would be:

  • CROSS Tech3+
  • BIC Soft Feel
  • Paper Mate InkJoy 100

1.      Cross Tech3+

Cross Tech3+ (link to Amazon) is a multi-functional pen that has three functions combined into a single body. It has two ballpoints, a pencil, an eraser and a stylus (as a bonus) combined and built fashionably.

It comes with two refillable ballpoints in the pen including a black medium ballpoint and a red medium ballpoint. The colour is often supplied in Satin Black which gives it a fashionable and a sophisticated look. Even though a single lead is required to write with, this pen comes with 3 leads of 0.5mm each, compatible with the pen.

Whenever you run out of lead or the lead you are using is not sharp enough, you can swiftly swap it with the other one. A depiction of the two ballpoints and the pencil sneaking out of the pen can be seen in the figure below.

The Cross Tech3+ has a designed length of 136mm, 8.9mm width and only 21g of weight. This gives a mind-boggling light-weight experience of a multi-functional pen. The pen is available in several colours. All colours promise a fashionable texture and appearance.

But the question here arises if this pen is really good enough to be used in a stressful exam?

Well, the good news is, yes – the Cross Tech3+ is an ideal choice for exam situations. Its twist technology enables you to quickly swap between a black pen, a red pen and a pencil. If you happen to make a mistake with the pencil, you can quickly unscrew the cap on the opposite end of the pen which may reveal an eraser.

Even the cap isn’t a useless piece of metal or plastic. It’s, in fact, the wide 8mm Stylus, which you can use to smoothly control a touch-screen device while relaxing on your couch.


Model Number / Manufacturer Part NumberAT0090-3
ColourSatin Black/Chrome
Point TypeFine
Tip TypeBallpoint
Ink LifeRefillable
Ink ColorAssorted


Cross pens are generally very thick and thus, difficult to grip. The slenderness of Tech3+ has been a widely supported aspect of it. It is, by far, one of the thinnest cross pens out in the market.

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The premium boxing of the pen needs no further packaging if the intentions are to gift it to someone. The premium boxing has a quite fancy and sophisticated touch to it.

The Cross Tech3+ brand promises a professional yet smooth experience, no matter how much panic you’re in. The manufacturers give a lifetime mechanical guarantee which might give you more than just thought about this pen.



2.       BIC® Soft Feel®

Another medium pointed pen that can deliver the experience the writer wants while sitting an exam, is from the famous BIC brand ‘Soft Feel’.

The pen is a stick pen with a soft barrel for a comfortable and soothing touch. The barrel is designed to avoid slippage rather provide a firm grip. The BIC Soft Feel pen (link to Amazon) has been designed to be 15.4mm in length and has a 1mm writing width.

The pen has been widely used across the world. Its smooth and comfortable writing experiences have made it popular among the masses. An exception in writing quality includes the ink delivery to contain some slight pauses which can sometimes result in a bit of grainy ink. But overall, the pens have been globally accepted to be good enough to be used anywhere, especially exams.

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This pen has been a favourite for many folks solely because of its soothing ability. People have repeatedly confirmed its grip to be relaxing and allowing the writer to write extensively as well as tirelessly. People with diseases like Tendonitis have recommended BIC Soft Feel. Moreover, the longevity of these pens has been proclaimed a lot as well.

3.      Paper Mate InkJoy 100

Paper Mate InkJoy 100 (link to Amazon) is a stick pen having a writing thickness of 1mm. The colour-grading of this set is eye-catching. But considering only the black pen of the set, the barrel is blackish-grey in colour but translucent. The cap of the pen is non-existent as it consists of a push-button.

The barrel is in a slight triangular fashion which may result in ease for some and discomfort for others. As an exception, some people purposefully search for pens that have triangular barrels because they just fit in their hands accordingly.

It is comforting to acknowledge the ink level of your pen as you keep using it. But in case of “InkJoy 100”, the combination of the barrel being translucent and the refill cartridge being white can make anyone anxious. However, upon a careful look, anyone can find the ink level.

The pen lacks any kind of rubber grip which exposes the hard plastic to the naked fingers of the writer. This might be troublesome for some people and might not be an issue at all for others. But while sitting for an examination, the pain occurrence cannot be avoided.

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On the flip side, we are all familiar with pens having good scents. InkJoy 100 has a very subtle scent to it. The sounds of clicks for retraction are very soft and lowly intense. Moreover, the pen is a satisfaction overall in terms of solving lengthy exams for most people.


Examinations are always a hectic event for students, no matter how good they are at studying. To perform well, a student needs sound health, a good grip over the syllabus, a suitable but silent environment; and of course, a smooth and soft writing pen. The need for a good pen might seem unimportant but nobody needs the risk that comes with stop-start writing pen interrupting their flow of thoughts.

The temperament, duration, toughness and content of examinations differ from time to time, place to place and institute to institute.

Choosing the right pen to write with is insanely important after weeks of studying. If your exam requires swift swaps between red and black colours; a pencil (for diagrams etc) – the Cross Tech3+ should be your priority. For lengthy, consistent writing the BIC Soft Feel pen and Paper Mate InkJoy 100 pen, are ideal options to have.

A lot will depend on your handwriting and gripping style.

The Best Pen To Use In Law School

A pen is a writing instrument that is applied through the ink, that will be on the surface paper for the purpose of taking note of items down on a sheet or any platform. Also, the pen is a dynamic tool that basically helps in one’s exposure to better learning, through the writing of notes by hands for proper opening of one’s mind in knowing more.

Not all pens are good but they are some more invented and customised pen in this modern age, that makes difference and through the way it’s been made make it distinct and outstanding, some of this pens are been stated below and discuss which lead to the study and knowledge of the best pen used. which will focus more on the research of the best pen use in law school.

In over 200 years, from Earth. The pen has undergone several transformations. Back in the day, you had to afford a quill in order to write a letter. But basically today, companies sell boxes of pens we can access instantly in a cup or jar in our leisure time and on our desk. It is very unbelievable to imagine a life without a custom pen, but thanks to these inventor’s hard work, we can now relax and have less worry about sharpening our quills to write that letter home or jot down our daily dairy note of activities

Basically the user of fountain pens: has a system of three small channels for the ink and one larger channel for air. The fountain pen also consists of a reservoir ink which is embedded in the handle and the main role of the ink been embedded is to avoid delay in term of writing, however, the fountain pen is one of the best pens used because of how it operates and how it is been used and it conveniences.

Ballpoint pen: its operation and way of working are different from that of fountain pen, but there are still some similarities which are their relying on gravity to function effectively. Ballpoint is that which it has a small ball bearing the ink. The ball bearing the ink is made up of brass steel or tungsten carbide. In which it operates is through the movement of the ball across the paper, which turns and draw ink from the cartridge, in creating a consistent ink line with a quick dry time.

The following are the best pen used in a law school:

The first pen mention is one of the greatest pens for marking up readings. I like the way they are used in terms of highlighting because they are less harsh basically because they capture the actual spot on the paper and give the actual message of the writing, this is noted from the following pen stated.

This is the three recommended the best pen used in law school, however, they are others but I have selected these few and some out of the numerous pen and I will start with the first pen. Which is known as the Bic, cross, and the paper mate?

BIC PEN: This pen (link to Amazon) is suitable for the everyday stationary task, it has a 1.0mm tip and we must know that this pen is very cheap, which make it highly affordable and very easy to acquire and used.


Furthermore, Bic is environmentally friendly, making it perfect for any kind of operation and condition for usage. Bic has two distinct colour which is in black and blue and it has the following features:

  • comfortable non-slip grip provides additional control
  • ideal for everyday writing activities

The Bic pen is one of the best and most used and liked pen and also due to it comfortability and environment-friendly act it tends to be outstanding and used basically for general purpose, it is for everybody and not for somebody.

CROSS PEN: it is founded by jewellery makers and for artisans of usable luxury, it enhances the way you work. This writing instrument (link to Amazon) gives you quick access to a black pen, red pen, pencil, eraser and lastly stylus. It has the above-stated features on it which make it very important and useful in a law school for some specified and classified operation of easy switching and using of different kind of pen, including pencil and stylus in one single pen. It let your multi-task on paper, plus navigate your smartphone or other touchscreen devices with ease. It has the following distinct features which make it more comfortable in use, which are:

  • continuous twist technology for easy tip selection
  • wide 8mm stylus that also unscrews to reveal an eraser
  • Compatibility with a most capacitive touchscreen device
  • classic design with three writing tips inside, having: a black ballpoint, red ballpoint, and pencil.

PAPER MATE: This brand manufactures a variety of ballpoint pens (link to Amazon), mechanical pencil, flair (felt tips pens), an eraser and lastly it offers a distinct variety of coloured and shape. Paper mate introduced environmentally friendly use of these three feature: pen, pencil and eraser.

Even work and the school can be fun when you have one of these vividly colored pens. It is noted to be a really good pen and amazing during its usage that makes it distinct and suitable to be applied to the law school for usage and considering it has one of the best pens to be used. The following are the features and details of the paper mate pen:

-retractable design is ready to write with just a satisfying click

-bold black ink creates a striking impression on every page of one work was needed.

-reliable and fluid, it is 1.0mm medium tip drawing clean lines from beginning to the very last ending.

-it has an ultra-smooth ink that keeps the fun and ideas flowing, which gives room for more working fun and operation of the pen.

The three distinct pens recommended above which are known as the Bic Pen, Cross Pen and the Paper Mate Pen, are consider and note to be very good and dynamic for usage, in a law school, not only because of some of their features stated above or their details but basically because there are generally found to be environmentally friendly and also due to there order of operation which best fit-in to any condition of writing and work of using a pen. Interm of jotting, sketching and colouring, with the easy level of acquiring of the pen. The three above pencil are very good to be used in any law school.