Best Erasable Markers for Glass

Best Erasable Markers for Glass

Apparently, it can be a bit difficult to get an erasable marker for glasses. Due to the slippery nature of glass, any ink that will write on it must be formulated in a way that it will stick to the glass without peeling or smearing. The normal regular pens cannot write on glass, that is why there is a specially formulated pen for glass. However, there are different types of markers that we can use to write on glasses.

Dry erase markers can be used, wet-erase markers can also be used; depending on the one you prefer. Although, wet-erase markers are widely preferred because they appear brighter than dry erase markers. Dry erase markers are easier to clean off on glass than wet-erase markers due to the alcohol-based ink.

However, writing on panes of glass when at a home, office or in a classroom will give a contemporary and elegant look to them.

Glass markers come in vibrant and unique colours. You can use them to write on many glass-like surfaces. They can be used to write on restaurant menus, mirrors, jars, wine, mugs, cups, chalkboards, and many more. Also, you can easily wipe off erasable markers with just a wet towel or clothe and the surface is fresh again for another write-up.

In addition, there are some factors you need to consider before purchasing erasable markers. Some of these factors are:

  • You need to be sure if the pen is a permanent or erasable marker.
  • Some ink becomes permanent after baking; you have to read the instructions carefully to know whether or not to bake.
  • You have to consider if it is dishwasher safe or not.
  • The opacity of ink: go for the ones that have thick ink.

Most times, these erasable markers are not always labelled under the glass marker group, but they are however capable of writing on glass. Below are some erasable markers that are capable of writing and drawing on glass:

  1. Colorful Art Chalk Pen

Colorful Art Chalk Pen is a pen that has been designed and formulated for both young and old. They can function as both dry erase markers and wet-erase markers. Colorful Art Chalk Pens make use of quality and super-condensed liquid chalk that provide radiant and dazzling colours anytime.

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They are pens that allow your creativity to come to life. These pens can work on different surfaces and serve various functions. They can be used on bistro boards, LED writing board, plastic, car windows, containers, mirrors, whiteboards, kids art, windows and lots more. In short, this pen allows you to decorate any non-porous surfaces.

The vivid and luminous liquid chalk ink in each of this pen is totally dust-free. This is why it is easy to clean up this pen with just a moist or dry cloth without smearing or smudging. However, before using this pen, you are advised to test it in a small area. If the surface is non-porous, it will wipe out easily.

This pen is used by teachers in preschool, kindergarten, and high school because it can be used as both wet and dry erase markers. Its reversible tip provides both a fine tip marker for detail work and broad chisel tip markers for bid bold lines when needed.

Colorful Art neon chalk markers are odourless pens. They last longer than any other pens. This pen has a great capacity and huge coverage. It is an education-driven tool. They are also a perfect way to attract customers to your office, restaurant and store due to their bright and sharp colours. With these pens, you can leave messages for your loved ones on front doors, car windscreen and other surfaces you wish to write on. They can easily wipe off when used on printed glossy papers and vinyl prints.

What we like

  • Vibrant colours
  • Easy to wipe off
  • Versatile pen

What we don’t like

  • Activation of the pen takes a while


  1. Chalkola Chalk Markers

Chalkola Chalk Markers can be used on more than just chalkboards and blackboards; they can be used on glass, mirrors, car mirrors, wine glasses and coffee mugs. These pens can be used by anyone; artist, kid, teacher, mom, restaurant owners and office owners. Chalkola chalk markers create awesome messages effortlessly.

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This pen is a pen that allows you to express yourself on any surface you want to write on. They can be used to decorate and design wedding signs, milestone boards, menus, LED boards, and coffee mug. Also, these pens can be used as a chalk lettering tool.

These pens are easy to erase and also safe to use by both kids and adults. The chalkboard ink of this pen is washable and the ink is good for virtually all surfaces. This pen stays permanently on a porous surface and stays temporarily on non-porous surfaces. They are water-based; this makes it easy to be wiped off on non-porous surfaces. The ink of this pen is non-toxic; making it an option for both young and old.

You can create amazing home decorations by using this pen. Also, you can catch the attention of your customers just by using the bright and vibrant neon colour of this pen to write on your office door what you are really into. With the dazzling and vivid colour of this pen, you can make your special day one of its kind and the memory will linger on forever.

You can forget about your work smearing or squeaking when you use this pen. Chalkola chalk marker is odour free and also dust-free. They are made up of water-based ingredients; making them easy to be erased by a moist piece of cloth. This pen has a reversible tip of both bullet and chisel tip of high density. They come in 15 chalk marker colours and 6 metallic colours (21 colours).

For the best results of this pen, shake well with cap on and point the pen upright, press the tip in until the tip is filled with ink. While drawing, push down the pen when you need extra ink. When you follow these steps, your drawing is definitely going to stand out.

What we like

  • Vivid and bold colours
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile pen

What we don’t like

  • Pen paint is too liquid
  • The metallic pen does not cover so well


  1. Original Stationery Chalk Marker Pens

These pens come with an unparalleled design and even flowing drawing quality. Original Stationery Chalk Marker pens are loved by both teachers and students. It is a pen that makes teaching fun and easy. Also, they are used by business owners to give their workplace a professional look. The fact that it is called a chalk marker does not limit it to being used on chalkboard only; it can be used on glass, windows, fridges, wine glass, mason jars, plastic pots, container, ceramic pots and mugs, and mirrors.

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With the bright and unique colours of these pens, you will be inspired for professional designs, kids creation and fine art. A pack of this pen contains 10 unusual and unique colours. These colours are Black, White, Purple, Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown, Pink and Blue.

They are neatly packed in a well-constructed plastic case for easy storage and travel. Each pen has a strong dry colourant with an intense colour that flows out consistently on any surface you are working on. With the 10 available colours, you can as well create new colours just by mixing 2 or more colours together. These chalk marker pens are non-toxic and child friendly.

They draw effortlessly and continuously without smearing or smudging. However, before the first use of this pen after purchase, you need to shake the pen forcefully to release the chalk for effective use it. This pen has both the reversible 5mm chisel and rounded tip. The thick rounded tip can be used for strong lettering and for thick lines.

Also, the angled tip of this pen works well for fine details such as flourishes and swirls. This chalk marker works excellently well on virtually all non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, mirrors and so on. They also work well on porous surfaces like paper, cardboard, and blackboard; but will be permanent on porous surfaces. This is why you need to know the type of surface you are working on.

With a piece of damp cloth, you can wipe off your drawings without any traces or stain of you ever working on the surface before. This pen is loved by all.

What we like

  • Odourless
  • Bright colours
  • Versatile pen

What we don’t like

  • Marker runs out quickly


  1. Stationery Island Chalk Pens

Stationary Island Chalk Marker makes it easy and simple to create fine big designs and block lettering. They give sparling and a matt look to your designs. Either on glass, metal, ceramics, plastic, they work great on them. These pens come in an eye-catching range of 20 colours. They can be used by teachers in schools to write on chalkboards or on the notice board. Also, they can be used by business owners, moms, artist and other people that enjoy art.

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It has a 3mmbullet nib that make your work come out great.

This pen can work on both porous and non-porous surface. Non- porous surfaces do not allow air or water to pass through them. However, when you use this chalk pen on porous surfaces like paper and chalkboard, it is very hard to wipe off. So, when using this pen, always put in mind that these chalk pens stay permanent on porous surfaces but can be erased on non-porous surfaces. In addition, you can as well test this chalk pen on a small area of the surface you are working on, before proceeding into full details.

For the first use of this pen, shake the pen firmly for few seconds, press the nib continuously and keep pumping until the ink has totally covered the nib.

Stationary Island Chalk Pens wipe off easily within few seconds when used on non-porous surfaces. After purchasing this pen and you are not satisfied with it service, they will refund your money; that is if you make a complaint 3 months after purchasing this pen. But I can assure you; it is a pen that you will enjoy.

What we like

  • Good value for the price
  • Does not smudge
  • Easy to clean

What we don’t like

  • They do not paint consistently


  1. Quartet Glass Board Dry Erase Marker

This premium dry erase marker is a pen that delivers an unmatched colour with a free-flowing ink system. You can create thick and broad lines that make your writing legible with the bullet tip of this pen. The colour of this pen stays clear and bold for a very long time.

With its transparent ink gauge, you can know the volume of your ink thereby making it easy to change your pen when it is exhausted. And you can easily move from one work to the other since this pen is easy to erase. Within a few seconds, your surface is clean again without any streak or stain.

Quartet Glass Board Dry Erase Markers, Bullet...
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This marker is one of the best makers for glass as it dries up fast. It comes with 4 basic colour options: Black, Red, Blue, and Green. The tip of this pen is rounded and thick compared to the other markers with a flat edge. This pen is non-toxic with low odour ink. They can be used in classrooms, at home and in offices. This pen is mostly used on glass. They create broad strokes that can easily convey messages to both close and far distance.

What we like

  • Transparent ink receptacle
  • The colour lasts well on glass boards

What we don’t like

  • More expensive than the regular markers.

Now that you are aware of the best erasable pens in the market, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed when you see the number of pens out there. In conclusion, the pens that I have listed above are versatile pens and fun pens. They are easy to erase with just a damp piece of cloth and you can start your design all over again on a neat and clear surface.


Best Color Markers for Artists

Best Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

Normally, when we buy colour markers, we only want long-lasting markers, look beautiful and have fun to colour with. But we miss the most important features to look into a marker like bleeding or seep through the paper, or just messy to work with (it also depends on the quality of the paper).

To help identify the best color markers for artists, we surveyed several artists, after proper research and investigation, the results found in the form of a list of 5 top colour markers available currently in the market are listed below. Each item on this list is a high-quality marker with vibrant colour options and usually comes with a carrying case holding them to keep organised.

Whether you are a professional artist or it’s just a hobby you have to make adult comic books, then this list can help you to find the right colour markers for you.

Below is the guide to have a quick review of each product.

Best 5 Color Markers for Artists

1. Copic Classic Marker Set 72-Colors for Artists & Professionals-Top Pick

The Copic Classic Marker set of 72 is our top pick and has been using for decades by artists and professionals. The markers are popular among the Comic Artists, Architects, Product Designers, Graphic Designers, Calligraphers, and mixed media arts. The markers are filled with fast-drying, smudge-free ink and you can be confident to continue the work without waiting for drying.

Copic Marker 72 Piece Set - Set 1
  • VERSATILE - Perfect for layouts, sketches, pictures, backgrounds and more
  • IDEAL - Copic markers feature a chisel tip and a precision tip, and are suitable...
  • ERGONOMIC - Copic markers feature a square shape for exact handling and control

Copic is a brand that makes reliable products to withstand with you for a long time. Even some artists have been using the markers for almost 25 years. The set of 72 markers has a wide range of colour spectrum and comes with up to 9 interchangeable nib sizes.

Main Features:

  • The markers have a dual-tip function with a super-fine tip on one end for lining and a broader brush tip for strokes.
  • The nibs are interchangeable and replaceable up to 9 different sizes.
  • A full spectrum of 72 vibrant and eye-catching colours is available with high quality acid-free and non-toxic ink.
  • All the markers are refillable and one bottle of colour is enough to refill the marker 13 times.
  • The markers are made with artists in mind. This is a perfect product for layouts, sketches, pictures, backgrounds, and more mixed media arts.
  • The well-designed markers feature a square shape for exact handling and control.

2. Ohuhu 60-Colors Dual-Tip Permanent Art Markers

Ohuhu is the most popular brand of art markers around the world. This is a pack of 60 dual-tip colour markers which allows you to be creative with a vast variety of vibrant colours.

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  • SUPERB QUALITY, GREAT PRICE: Our special ink formula keeps markers safe from...
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This can be a perfect gift for students, teachers, and kids and an addition to the arsenal of professional artists, illustrators, calligraphers, crafters, and architects. It has 80 vibrant colour markers with broad and fine tips for highlighting and underlining.

Main Features:

  • The ink of markers is high quality and non-toxic. The colour does not fade over time because it has excellent water and light resistance.
  • A paintbrush set is included in the package with a solid nib and a uniform width.
  • The ink dries quickly and you don’t have to wait for a long time to continue the work on your art piece.
  • This marker set can play an active role in any kind of situation related to art like drawing at school, making work materials, filling out adult hobbies, sketches, and comic books, etc.

3. Spectrum Noir Crafter’s Companion Illustrator’s Twin Tip Set of 6 Markers

Spectrum Noir is offering an entirely new and exclusive nib combination. These markers are perfect for existing Spectrum Noir users who want to develop their skills, as well as appealing to new colourists. Illustrator’s premium quality brush nib is perfect for expressive, artistic strokes and precise flicks of colours.

Spectrum Noir Sparkle Fine Glitter Brush Pens...
  • Vivid dye-colour perfectly balanced with fine Glitter pigment
  • Precision brush-tip for controlled strokes and accurate colour-fills
  • Perfect for sparkling embellishments, lettering and colour details

On the other end, the superfine tip allows you to outline or underlining smoothly and skip-free on any kind of paper. It is now easier than ever before to enjoy smooth coverage and a seamlessly blended finish. This special set has all the essential colours you will need in routine. It is an ideal choice for professionals to achieve desired results in an art piece.

Main Features:

  • The markers are the dual tip, a super fine nib on one end for precise, accurate detailing and fine line work.
  • On the other end, a broader brush tip for smooth fills and natural artistic strokes.
  • Its ergonomic design allows you to have a firm grip for supreme comfort and best stroke style.
  • The ink filled in markers is of artistic grade with flawless laydown and blending.

4. ARTEZA TwiMarker Set 48-Colors Dual-Tip with Brush

The set of 48 colour markers by ARTEZA  is perfect for artists. The markers are safe for all ages, well-designed, easy to use and stimulate the imagination.

ARTEZA TwiMarker Set, 48 Colored Markers,...
  • Two-sided versatility – These multi-purpose markers mark any occasion with a...
  • Color-Coding Coordination – Set includes 48 bright, vibrant water-based...
  • Artistry, Functionality, and Variety. Arteza offers one of the largest sets on...

The TwiMarker set features dual-tip pens with an extra-fine 0.4mm nib on one end and a broader brush tip on the other end.

A wide range of 48 vibrant colours is perfect for calligraphy, planners, scrapbooks, posters, and artists decoration on various surfaces. Artists and hobbyists will value the results of lettering, colouring, doodling, sketching, and journaling.

Main Features:

  • The makers are dual-functional with a 0.4mm super fine tip on one end and a broader tip on the other end.
  • There is a wide range of 48 vibrant and permanent water-based colours that make the art piece eye-catching and long-lasting.
  • The water-based ink is acid-free, dries quickly and will not streak or smear on any kind of surface like paper, board, fabrics, etc.
  • If ink gets on clothing or fabric, the stain can be removed with a paper towel easily without worrying.

5. NEWDOER Dual Art Markers 60-Colors with Brush and Fine Tip

These double-headed water-based colour markers are ideal for calligraphy and drawing by artists and painters. Try and see them yourself. These premium colour markers offer richer and fine colours with fine and brush tips.

Newdoer Colors Dual Brush Pen Art Markers,...
  • ASSORTMENT OF VIBRANT & RICH COLORS - This 60 color water-based dual tip brush...
  • DUAL TIP IN ONE PEN - include 1-2mm brush tip and 0.4mm fine tip, you can create...
  • NON-TOXIC,ACID FREE & HIGH QUALITY - Scientific formulations, Standard...

The tips are more flexible and do not destroy the surface of your art piece. Let your sense of imagination and creativity run wild with these colour markers as they are ideal for drawing, writing, colouring, calligraphy, sketching, hand lettering, or anything else that allows you to show off your creative side!

Main Features:

  • The assortment of vibrant and rich 60 colours provides a full spectrum of distinctive colours perfect for drawing lines, painting, sketch, signing, manga, graphic, design, and illustration.
  • The ink is scientifically formulated with high quality on the standard production process to provide you with superior, long-lasting, vibrant and eye-catching colours.
  • The super-fine tip is 0.4mm thick to draw lines and the brush tip is 2mm thick for colouring. You can create medium and bold strokes by altering the pressure.
  • The caps are colour-coded allows you to recognise and identify each colour easily and quickly choose the correct colour.


We hope you find the list useful for you whether you are a professional artist or just a hobbyist. All the brands of colour markers are of high quality and famous. Try them yourself, it will not disappoint you.

Best Markers for Coloring Anime.

Best Markers for Coloring Anime

Anime is something getting more and more popular every day as it is not just Japanese animation, it is art!

Drawing and colouring anime characters and backgrounds are enjoyed by a lot of artists today. Anime has this unique style which inspires almost every artist. Drawing and colouring both go hand in hand. You could be drawing the best sketches in the world but if the sketch is not coloured correctly then the end result will not be as appealing as it should be.

I myself am an artist and today I would like to talk about the best markers out there for colouring anime. Of course, you can use colouring pencils or paints as well for some stunning colours but here we will talk about markers. Markers can really give unmatched, vibrant and, unique colours to a drawing.

Finding the right markers to colour your anime characters or backgrounds is not a simple task, as the list is just too diverse. In many cases, people can end up with a type of marker which does not suit them.

I have compiled a shortlist of the best markers out there especially for you!

Copic Marker Set

Copic markers are the best markers out there in my opinion and for good reason as well. You do get what you pay for with these markers, as you will be able to create some stunning art using them.

Copic markers have an alcohol-based ink which is permanent and the ink is refillable. These alcoholic markers are ideal for fine lines.

Copic markers blend beautifully and are very easy to use. They are what oil medium is to paints. They are loved by both beginner and veteran artists. These markers must be kept away from direct sunlight to preserve their quality. 

Copic markers come in a wide range of colours to choose from and can always get the job done.

One reviewer wrote “If you are buying Copic you tend to know what to expect, after all if you just want a marker set there are ones a lot cheaper than these… but none I’ve found match the quality.”



Ohuhu Markers

Ohuhu markers are very popular among artists because of their low price. They have a very good quality despite the low price tag. They are a great fit for beginner or veteran artists who want to give quality markers a try without spending big bucks!

Ohuhu markers have alcohol-based ink which is very beautiful. These markers come in dual tips and are great for making thin or thick lines. These markers are very fast drying. If you are on a budget then these are the markers for you!



A reviewer writes “I have been painting and drawing for years but colouring with marker is new to me. I love these markers! They bring my drawings to life!”

These Ohuhu markers can help you take your colouring to a whole new level!

L'émouchet Markers

L’émouchet markers are very vibrant and can really make your work stand out. They are quite decent markers and not very expensive. These markers have alcohol-based ink which dries fast and gives out very beautiful colours. 

Regardless of what you want to draw or colour these markers have got you covered! These markers are very comfortable to hold and work with. These markers are for people on a tight budget looking for good quality!



A reviewer writes “Did thorough research to find some dual-tip marker pens with several specifications. The set had to have at least 80 pens, have the names of the colours on the tip, and also include a carrying case. L’emouchet hit a home run at three turns at the plate — Great little carrying case, a great number of coloured markers to choose from (also a colour chart card specifically designed for this set is included…super convenient), and last, but not least — the vibrant colours themselves. This set offers simply a wide variety of colours that pop!”

Uniposca Markers

A must-have marker for all anime artists. POSCA markers are well known in the industry for their ease of use and high-quality graphic effects. The inks are super highly pigmented. 

What I really love about these markers is that if they have not been used for a while or dry out, they can be brought back to life easily! The markers’ mechanism and valve system can be re-saturated with the paint.