Best Sketchbook for Posca Pens

Sketchbooks are essential to developing your drawing skills. If you’re looking for a great way to draw in a sketchbook, then you should consider using posca pens. They are affordable and easy to use; however, the ink is permanent once it dries.

To help you get started we have compiled this list of our favourite posca pen sketchbooks that will show off your work in style!


Arteza 9"x12" Drawing Pad 2 Pack, 160 Pages...
  • Set of 2 Premium Drawing Pads, each with 80 sheets measuring 9" x 12" (after...
  • Thick, lightly textured paper (80lb/130g)
  • Spiral-bound with perforation for easy page detachment

The Arteza 9″x12″ Drawing Pad is a versatile sketchbook that can be used for any type of art. It has 160 pages which are bound together with sturdy spiral binding, allowing for easy page-turning and page detachment. The sheets are acid-free and will allow your art to withstand the test of time. Your sketches won’t fade or degrade over time, making this an ideal sketchbook for use with posca pens.

Paul Rubens Watercolor Paper Block, Premium...
  • 🎨 Artists' quality Watercolour Block: 140lb, 300 GSM. Adopted made-in-Italy...
  • 🎨 Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper: 10.63 x 7.68 inches (About Sized A4), 20...
  • 🎨 Unique Four-sided Sealant Design: As we all know, when painting with...

This is an excellent choice when looking for paper to use with your posca pens. Especially for artists who are looking to produce vivid colors and detailed work. The surface is a very smooth, high quality, 100% cotton rag paper. It also has a four-side sealant which prevents the paper from becoming wrinkled.

The perfect combination of ink and watercolour along with light sketch work, suitable for fine detail.

Kraft Cover Drawing Notebook & Sketchbook -...
  • Global Store items have separate terms, are sold from abroad, and may differ...

This drawing notebook is the perfect canvas for any sketches or drawings when using your posca pens. The thick, supple pages in this sketchbook make for the ideal tool to let your creativity flow. Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, this book will be an essential part of your artistic arsenal. This high-quality sketchbook has a hardcover and measures 8.5″ x 11″.


Using Posca Pens

If you’re a talented artist looking to expand your horizons, an extra-broad chisel tip on a posca pen is perfect for painting large backgrounds and performing live artworks.

You can use a posca pen to paint, draw, and create gorgeous designs on paper. I love how the markers are real paint that dry permanent. The colours are just perfect for any project- from paintings to drawings to sculptures!

You’ll often find that the ink will never feather or bleed through paper, so it’ll always look crisp and professional. Most Posca pen tips can project a wide area with the ink, making it perfect for painting projects that cover a large surface.

A Posca pen is the perfect tool for artists and designers alike. Its water-based paint can be applied in rich, opaque colours to create a variety of textures and styles on any surface. This marker is also very versatile – painters use it for fine lines while illustrators love its bright, vibrant hues against blank paper. Sculptors also use this innovative tool to colour outdoor sculptures!

Posca pens, also known as the ‘magic marker pen’ is a spray paint can without the can. This nifty tool allows you to take creative control of your design and have made quite an impression on the world. From advertising campaigns and airbrushing effects to more recent ventures like album cover art posters – if you are a creative person, you should make sure not to leave home without one.

How long to shake Posca Pens?

When you go to pick up a posca pen for the first time and shake it, you’ll hear what has made this pen so iconic. The mixture of liquid and pigment inside will make the balls inside the can clink together as they join in a handshake that emits a satisfying shhh-clunk sound.

It takes less than 10 seconds for your Posca pen to get into gear once shaken because its mixable colours are more concentrated than other pens on the market, meaning there is no need for shaking long enough to turn an eye pink! It’s like getting two pens in one.

What’s Inside a Posca Pen?

Posca pens are pens made with actual pigment paint in a barrel. The paint inside these pens can be shaken/mixed easily, making applying it to paper easy and near the thickness of acrylics. These paints come out beautifully opaque and very richly pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about coverage being too light or too thin.

Paint also spreads nicely, making it easy to build colour without streaks appearing from lighter layers of paint underneath; this is good for if you want something that looks like tone-on-tone painting!