Best Markers for Coloring Anime.

Anime is something getting more and more popular every day as it is not just Japanese animation, it is art!

Drawing and colouring anime characters and backgrounds are enjoyed by a lot of artists today. Anime has this unique style which inspires almost every artist. Drawing and colouring both go hand in hand. You could be drawing the best sketches in the world but if the sketch is not coloured correctly then the end result will not be as appealing as it should be.

I myself am an artist and today I would like to talk about the best markers out there for colouring anime. Of course, you can use colouring pencils or paints as well for some stunning colours but here we will talk about markers. Markers can really give unmatched, vibrant and, unique colours to a drawing.

Finding the right markers to colour your anime characters or backgrounds is not a simple task, as the list is just too diverse. In many cases, people can end up with a type of marker which does not suit them.

I have compiled a shortlist of the best markers out there especially for you!

Copic Marker Set

Copic markers are the best markers out there in my opinion and for good reason as well. You do get what you pay for with these markers, as you will be able to create some stunning art using them.

Copic markers have an alcohol-based ink which is permanent and the ink is refillable. These alcoholic markers are ideal for fine lines.

Copic markers blend beautifully and are very easy to use. They are what oil medium is to paints. They are loved by both beginner and veteran artists. These markers must be kept away from direct sunlight to preserve their quality. 

Copic markers come in a wide range of colours to choose from and can always get the job done.

One reviewer wrote “If you are buying Copic you tend to know what to expect, after all if you just want a marker set there are ones a lot cheaper than these… but none I’ve found match the quality.”



Ohuhu Markers

Ohuhu markers are very popular among artists because of their low price. They have a very good quality despite the low price tag. They are a great fit for beginner or veteran artists who want to give quality markers a try without spending big bucks!

Ohuhu markers have alcohol-based ink which is very beautiful. These markers come in dual tips and are great for making thin or thick lines. These markers are very fast drying. If you are on a budget then these are the markers for you!



A reviewer writes “I have been painting and drawing for years but colouring with marker is new to me. I love these markers! They bring my drawings to life!”

These Ohuhu markers can help you take your colouring to a whole new level!

L'émouchet Markers

L’émouchet markers are very vibrant and can really make your work stand out. They are quite decent markers and not very expensive. These markers have alcohol-based ink which dries fast and gives out very beautiful colours. 

Regardless of what you want to draw or colour these markers have got you covered! These markers are very comfortable to hold and work with. These markers are for people on a tight budget looking for good quality!



A reviewer writes “Did thorough research to find some dual-tip marker pens with several specifications. The set had to have at least 80 pens, have the names of the colours on the tip, and also include a carrying case. L’emouchet hit a home run at three turns at the plate — Great little carrying case, a great number of coloured markers to choose from (also a colour chart card specifically designed for this set is included…super convenient), and last, but not least — the vibrant colours themselves. This set offers simply a wide variety of colours that pop!”

Uniposca Markers

A must-have marker for all anime artists. POSCA markers are well known in the industry for their ease of use and high-quality graphic effects. The inks are super highly pigmented. 

What I really love about these markers is that if they have not been used for a while or dry out, they can be brought back to life easily! The markers’ mechanism and valve system can be re-saturated with the paint.