Best Ink for Quill Pens

Have you ever used a quill pen? A lot of people haven’t. They are quite different from the pens often used nowadays, but they can be fun to write with. This article will tell you everything that you need to know about them and what ink to get for yourself if you end up getting one.

In the old days, writing was a very different experience than it is today.

Instead of typing on a keyboard or tapping on the screen of a tablet, people had to use pen and paper. And instead of using retractable gel pens like we do today, they used quill pens with their own ink supply that needed to be refilled periodically.

So let’s have a quick look at the best ink for quill pens currently available.

Montblanc Ink Bottle Permanent Blue 107756...
  • The Permanent Blue ink by Montblanc lends permanence and quality to any document...
  • Montblanc's new inkwell: the remaining ink can be gathered under the opening so...
  • The ink refill is indelible so documents get permanence, even over longer...

Montblanc’s Permanent Blue ink in your quill pen is a respectable choice for any kind of official business. The rich blue colour will write properly to ensure readability on any document, ensuring that your pen tip is not clogging up when in use. It’s a true quality product that is created only by Montblanc.

Herbin 11009T - Bottle of Black Indian Ink, 1...
  • The Herbin brand, created in 1670 in Paris, is a guarantee of exceptional...
  • India ink is a black ink used for writing, drawing, and washing painting (which...
  • It is very rich in shellac. These pigments facilitate the extension of the...

If you’ve used black Quill ink before then this Indian Black Ink is a good replacement- nearly identical in texture, stroke quality, flow time and permanence.

The difference? Less waste!

Imagine recycling your roll of paper to get just a little use out of it instead of throwing away an entire roll.  The Herbin’s black ink comes in a glass bottle and shines on your paper as it dries.

Pelikan 301168 - Ink 4001 1000 ml Deep Black
  • Recepticale form: Plastic bottle
  • Capacity: 1000 ml
  • ink colour: Deep Black

This easy-to-use, high-quality ink is perfect for getting your important messages across on paper. From the sharp black colour to the beautiful sheen of Pelikan’s unique formula, this rich writing fluid provides an inspirational writing experience and can be used fresh or in refillable cartridges.

Cross Violet Fountain Pen Ink Bottle
  • Cross Fountain Pen Bottled Ink [New Design] Violet 8945S-6 62.5ml

This Cross fountain ink is a great ink option when used with a quill pen. This writing set with black and blue ink only has a drying time of four to five seconds and as it works with a medium width nib size, it would be suitable in most office settings.

Noodler's Ink Eternal Polar Blue Bottled Ink...
  • 100 percent made in the USA from cap to glass to ink.
  • Bulletproof- UV light and bleach resistant
  • Archive quality

For vintage quill pens or new fountain pens, this Noodler’s Ink in a 3oz. bottle is inviting dark blue with an off-white tone and slightly chalky appearance. The ink, which comes from cap to glass to ink, is waterproof and facilitates the even flow of ink so that it can be used on denser paper grades.

This medium blue hue comes in a dense form, making it forgery resistant and freeze-resistant. All necessities when preparing documents such as wills.