Best Color Markers for Artists

Normally, when we buy colour markers, we only want long-lasting markers, look beautiful and have fun to colour with. But we miss the most important features to look into a marker like bleeding or seep through the paper, or just messy to work with (it also depends on the quality of the paper).

To help identify the best color markers for artists, we surveyed several artists, after proper research and investigation, the results found in the form of a list of 5 top colour markers available currently in the market are listed below. Each item on this list is a high-quality marker with vibrant colour options and usually comes with a carrying case holding them to keep organised.

Whether you are a professional artist or it’s just a hobby you have to make adult comic books, then this list can help you to find the right colour markers for you.

Below is the guide to have a quick review of each product.

Best 5 Color Markers for Artists

1. Copic Classic Marker Set 72-Colors for Artists & Professionals-Top Pick

The Copic Classic Marker set of 72 is our top pick and has been using for decades by artists and professionals. The markers are popular among the Comic Artists, Architects, Product Designers, Graphic Designers, Calligraphers, and mixed media arts. The markers are filled with fast-drying, smudge-free ink and you can be confident to continue the work without waiting for drying.

Copic Marker 72 Piece Set - Set 1
  • VERSATILE - Perfect for layouts, sketches, pictures, backgrounds and more
  • IDEAL - Copic markers feature a chisel tip and a precision tip, and are suitable...
  • ERGONOMIC - Copic markers feature a square shape for exact handling and control

Copic is a brand that makes reliable products to withstand with you for a long time. Even some artists have been using the markers for almost 25 years. The set of 72 markers has a wide range of colour spectrum and comes with up to 9 interchangeable nib sizes.

Main Features:

  • The markers have a dual-tip function with a super-fine tip on one end for lining and a broader brush tip for strokes.
  • The nibs are interchangeable and replaceable up to 9 different sizes.
  • A full spectrum of 72 vibrant and eye-catching colours is available with high quality acid-free and non-toxic ink.
  • All the markers are refillable and one bottle of colour is enough to refill the marker 13 times.
  • The markers are made with artists in mind. This is a perfect product for layouts, sketches, pictures, backgrounds, and more mixed media arts.
  • The well-designed markers feature a square shape for exact handling and control.

2. Ohuhu 60-Colors Dual-Tip Permanent Art Markers

Ohuhu is the most popular brand of art markers around the world. This is a pack of 60 dual-tip colour markers which allows you to be creative with a vast variety of vibrant colours.

Ohuhu 60 Colours Dual Tips Permanent Marker...
  • LOVED BY ARTISTS EVERYWHERE: You’ve never seen this inexpensive markers for...
  • SUPERB QUALITY, GREAT PRICE: Our special ink formula keeps markers safe from...
  • LASTING COLOR, NO SMUDGE:Make your artwork really shine thanks to the unique...

This can be a perfect gift for students, teachers, and kids and an addition to the arsenal of professional artists, illustrators, calligraphers, crafters, and architects. It has 80 vibrant colour markers with broad and fine tips for highlighting and underlining.

Main Features:

  • The ink of markers is high quality and non-toxic. The colour does not fade over time because it has excellent water and light resistance.
  • A paintbrush set is included in the package with a solid nib and a uniform width.
  • The ink dries quickly and you don’t have to wait for a long time to continue the work on your art piece.
  • This marker set can play an active role in any kind of situation related to art like drawing at school, making work materials, filling out adult hobbies, sketches, and comic books, etc.

3. Spectrum Noir Crafter’s Companion Illustrator’s Twin Tip Set of 6 Markers

Spectrum Noir is offering an entirely new and exclusive nib combination. These markers are perfect for existing Spectrum Noir users who want to develop their skills, as well as appealing to new colourists. Illustrator’s premium quality brush nib is perfect for expressive, artistic strokes and precise flicks of colours.

Spectrum Noir Sparkle Fine Glitter Brush Pens...
  • Vivid dye-colour perfectly balanced with fine Glitter pigment
  • Precision brush-tip for controlled strokes and accurate colour-fills
  • Perfect for sparkling embellishments, lettering and colour details

On the other end, the superfine tip allows you to outline or underlining smoothly and skip-free on any kind of paper. It is now easier than ever before to enjoy smooth coverage and a seamlessly blended finish. This special set has all the essential colours you will need in routine. It is an ideal choice for professionals to achieve desired results in an art piece.

Main Features:

  • The markers are the dual tip, a super fine nib on one end for precise, accurate detailing and fine line work.
  • On the other end, a broader brush tip for smooth fills and natural artistic strokes.
  • Its ergonomic design allows you to have a firm grip for supreme comfort and best stroke style.
  • The ink filled in markers is of artistic grade with flawless laydown and blending.

4. ARTEZA TwiMarker Set 48-Colors Dual-Tip with Brush

The set of 48 colour markers by ARTEZA  is perfect for artists. The markers are safe for all ages, well-designed, easy to use and stimulate the imagination.

Arteza TwiMarker Set, 48 Colored Markers,...
  • Two-sided versatility – These multi-purpose markers mark any occasion with a...
  • Color-Coding Coordination – Set includes 48 bright, vibrant water-based...
  • Artistry, Functionality, and Variety. Arteza offers one of the largest sets on...

The TwiMarker set features dual-tip pens with an extra-fine 0.4mm nib on one end and a broader brush tip on the other end.

A wide range of 48 vibrant colours is perfect for calligraphy, planners, scrapbooks, posters, and artists decoration on various surfaces. Artists and hobbyists will value the results of lettering, colouring, doodling, sketching, and journaling.

Main Features:

  • The makers are dual-functional with a 0.4mm super fine tip on one end and a broader tip on the other end.
  • There is a wide range of 48 vibrant and permanent water-based colours that make the art piece eye-catching and long-lasting.
  • The water-based ink is acid-free, dries quickly and will not streak or smear on any kind of surface like paper, board, fabrics, etc.
  • If ink gets on clothing or fabric, the stain can be removed with a paper towel easily without worrying.

5. NEWDOER Dual Art Markers 60-Colors with Brush and Fine Tip

These double-headed water-based colour markers are ideal for calligraphy and drawing by artists and painters. Try and see them yourself. These premium colour markers offer richer and fine colours with fine and brush tips.

Newdoer Colors Dual Brush Pen Art Markers,...
  • ASSORTMENT OF VIBRANT & RICH COLORS - This 60 color water-based dual tip brush...
  • DUAL TIP IN ONE PEN - include 1-2mm brush tip and 0.4mm fine tip, you can create...
  • NON-TOXIC,ACID FREE & HIGH QUALITY - Scientific formulations, Standard...

The tips are more flexible and do not destroy the surface of your art piece. Let your sense of imagination and creativity run wild with these colour markers as they are ideal for drawing, writing, colouring, calligraphy, sketching, hand lettering, or anything else that allows you to show off your creative side!

Main Features:

  • The assortment of vibrant and rich 60 colours provides a full spectrum of distinctive colours perfect for drawing lines, painting, sketch, signing, manga, graphic, design, and illustration.
  • The ink is scientifically formulated with high quality on the standard production process to provide you with superior, long-lasting, vibrant and eye-catching colours.
  • The super-fine tip is 0.4mm thick to draw lines and the brush tip is 2mm thick for colouring. You can create medium and bold strokes by altering the pressure.
  • The caps are colour-coded allows you to recognise and identify each colour easily and quickly choose the correct colour.


We hope you find the list useful for you whether you are a professional artist or just a hobbyist. All the brands of colour markers are of high quality and famous. Try them yourself, it will not disappoint you.