Best Brush Pens for Drawing

Artists know that using brush pens for drawing can bring stories to life. Drawing artists use brush pens to layout the expressions and movement in a way that a traditional technical drawing pen cannot. But an artist requires a lot of practice and dexterity to use the brush pens in an art piece.

Moreover, a brush pen is a tool for painting with colour without a brush and a set of paints. They also give the widest array of line widths for really expressive sketching.

You need to consider the following things when buying a brush pen according to the demands of your work:

  • Tip Type
  • Flexibility
  • Tip Size
  • Water and Copic Proof

Are you struggling with finding the right brush pen to practice your artwork? You are in the right place. In this guide, you can find some top brands and models of brush pens available in the market. We just put together some of the best brush pens in a list and we are going to review these products to help you in choosing the right one for you.

Best 5 Brush Pens for Drawing

1. Spectrum Noir Artliner Black & Grey 6 Pcs Brush Pen

These Spectrum Noir art liner brush pens (link to Amazon) are perfect for sketching, outlining, and colouring the drawings. The alcohol-based pens are ideal for smudge-free and streak-free mixed media art, doodling, colouring, and detailing.

These pens come with 2 brush tips for detailed colouring, lettering, and drawing the various line widths. The high-quality micro-pigment ink dries quickly and does not leave smudges or streaks on an art piece.

Main Features:

  • You will find the Art-liners a pleasure to draw with. The ink flows smoothly onto the paper with even coverage.
  • Plus the artist’s quality ink of pens is light-fast, resistant to fading and does not leave smudges. Alcohol-based ink is quick-drying and you don’t need to wait for a long time to continue your work.
  • The pens are available in black and grey both for shading and lining according to the demand of work.
  • The brush tips are so fine with excellent tapered-shape which makes them perfect for hand-lettering, drawing, and colouring.

2. Pentel Brush Pen

The high-quality Pentel brush pens feel like a real brush earning it a name among the professional drawing artists, hand writers and doodlers alike. It’s a versatile ink brush that is easy to switch between line and wash artwork.

The pen is equipped with a durable and soft nylon tip which can flood wide strokes with solid colour and then it can give a fine lining to delicate the art piece. A covering cap is available to protect the tip from leakage or damage.

A durable and smooth nylon brush is perfect for any type of art working, anything can be done with ease.

Main Features:

  • The ink is water-based and highly pigmented. Ink flows easily on any type of paper, board or fabrics. As well as, the ink dries quickly and produces transparent watercolour effects.
  • The soft nylon brush tip is perfect for brushing and sketching on location.
  • The pen is refillable with the Pentel refill cartridges FR-101.
  • Refill barrels are easy to replace and the reverse thread stops any leakage or damage to the tip.

3. Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen

This Kuretake brush pen was designed for writing the Chinese characters, or kanji in Japanese, but we used it in drawing and found that its felt tip is hard and flexible enough to give you nice control in drawing the thin and thick lines. There are two versions of this pen, a grey version is ideal for shading and a superfine version is perfect for even thinner lines.

The ink in the Kuretake Brush Pen is so good and easy to use. It works well with a richer black pigment.

Main Features:

  • Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen is a set of 2 pcs ideal for drawing art, lettering, doodling, sketching, and calligraphy.
  • This is a set of soft and hard brush pens. A super-fine tip is perfect for outlining and underlining and the other version is a flexible felt tip for thick strokes.
  • The pen is water-proof and does not leave smudges of feathers on your art piece while working with watercolours.
  • You will be able to draw the finest line comparable to a line of 0.38mm.

4. Tombow Fudenosuke Color Brush Pen 10-Colour Set

This is a pack of 10 colour brush pens from Tombow Fudenosuke(link to Amazon). There are different brush tips available in multiple colours to satisfy your sense of creation and imagination in the fields of drawing, sketching, lettering, doodling, and calligraphy.

Fudenosuke brush pen features with flexible brush tips in different sizes to learn beautiful drawing techniques according to the demand of work. The brush tips can create extra-fine, fine or medium strokes in a drawing by a simple change in pressure.

A vibrant and versatile assortment of colours offering even more ways to use them for art drawings, comics, anime, manga, and more for professional calligraphy, lettering, and architect.

Main Features:

  • The pens are formulated with water-based ink that is permanent, rich in colour and sits lightly atop paper without suturing and bleeding through.
  • The ink of Tombow brush pens is odourless and highly pigment which produces rich, vibrant colours.
  • The flexible brush tip allows you to learn and layout different lettering and drawing techniques.
  • There are 10 hard but a flexible tip in 10 vibrant and eye-catching colours including black, grey, orange, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, brown, and red.

5. ARTEZA Real Brush Pens 24 Colors Perfect for Drawing

This is a pack of 24 real brush colours by Arteza Art Supplies (link to Amazon). The pens are filled with non-toxic, acid –free, and water-based ink. Its flexible tip allows you to make a variety of fine, medium, and bold strokes on the art piece effortlessly.

These real brush pens from Arteza is an ultimate and perfect tool for drawing, sketching, painting, and calligraphy. There is a vast range of 24 vibrant and real watercolours.

These brush pens give you precision control, so you can easily do everything from light pastel washes to subtle shading and gradients.

Main Features:

  • These premium brush pens are richer in colour and equipped with a more flexible tip than you would get from more costly brands.
  • The Arteza real brush pens have endless creative options to create fine watercolour effects in painting, drawing, sketching, colouring, calligraphy, and more.
  • The tip of each pen is made of soft and durable nylon brush hairs. The tapered end of the tip is to draw fine lines and the broader end is for thicker lines and strokes.
  • The ink is safe, non-toxic, and certified for safety. Your Arteza real brush pens come with a special promise.

 Final Thoughts:

What is the best brush pen for drawing? It is a bit difficult to answer this question because there are a lot of brands and models available in the market and everyone claims to be the best. Based on our research, we have tried to list the best brush pens we have tried for drawing.

We have put together some of the best brush pens for drawing available currently in the market after gathering the opinions of artists, designers and other creative.